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  1. rdc1978

    wsp sale

    I'm not affiliated with wsp, but stumbled on their 25% of all colorants flash sale so I thought I'd let my fellow soapers know. I hope its okay to put in this forum since I think it gets a lot of traffic and the sale is (according to wsp) over tonight. I've been pretty dedicated to madmicas...
  2. rdc1978

    Max usage of fo/eo blend

    Hi everyone, W wp I know there was a similar question asked, but I didn't want to piggyback off that post and my question may be slightly different. I've ordered a few fragrance oil/essential oil blends from WSP. One of them was machta tea. I normally use fo at about 6% so I hadn't...
  3. rdc1978

    Odorless Lard PSA

    Hi everyone, This post is nothing more than information sharing and if someone else has said it before please forgive me. I have avoided using lard in my soap because I can always smell it. It bums me out because so many soapers rave about lard. I had been wanting to make a face soap and...
  4. rdc1978

    Any ideas?

    I have had the same wallet for at least half a decade now. My mother bought it for me, a Marc Jacobs wallet that COMPLETELY opens and lays flat if it is unzipped. My mother hates the wallet because its old and beaten up (I still like it). Long story short, she bought me another wallet (Kate...
  5. rdc1978

    Facial Soap

    Hello everyone! I haven't been on this forum in forever! So much work! I hope you all are doing well and staying cool in this crazy heat! So, I want to try making a facial bar. I'd like to incorporate rose clay, kaolin clay, french green clay, activated charcoal and tea tree oil into the...
  6. rdc1978

    What do you all do with the burlap (?) bags from Nurture Soap

    I'm posting this here, because I feel like Nurture Soap probably targets soapers, but may sell items for other crafts I enjoy ordering from NS, I love getting a freebie, I like getting free shipping. But every freebie comes in that little burlap drawstring bag, which is very cute, but seems...
  7. rdc1978

    Loofah seed oil

    I've seen loofah seed oil on mom just sent me a big box of homegrown loofah and I'm wondering if I could somehow use the seeds to make loofah seed oil. I've done a basic Google search but didn't see anything so I thought I'd try and see id anyone had any idea. Also has...
  8. rdc1978

    Soaping temperature

    So, I've been trying to do the technique below for...lets see....days now. I've had limited success. A big part of the problem is that the last time I tried this design, I soaped at around 85 degrees and when I blended to emulsification, the batter was fine, but when I left it to thicken, it...
  9. rdc1978

    What went wrong??

    I tried to do a clamshell swirl (marginally). I just looked at my mold and there is this funky putting at the edge. There are a few things I think it might be but was hoping to get some thoughts. 1. There was a tiny amount of residual water in the funnel cup I poured in red and white...
  10. rdc1978

    Loofah soap woes

    1. I soaped at a relatively high temperature, but these soaps are so soft after a week that i feel that maybe they didn't gel??? 2. Does anyone have a good trick for cutting them so its not a disaster? Is cutting it a mess because it didn't go through gel phase and is soft? Maybe I need to...
  11. rdc1978

    Vanilla Stabilizer in Hot Process Soap?

    Does anyone think this would work to prevent discoloration? I know that it generally doesn't work with cold process soap, but I'm assuming thats because the soap hasn't saponified yet. But my understanding, with hot process soap is that it has saponoified and so, in that way, it would be more...
  12. rdc1978

    Christmas Green

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a good christmas green color, I think I'd like something like a forest green, but not too too dark since my colors tend to darken when they go through gel phase. I've looked at MadMicas, Brambleberry and Nurture Soap, and I just don't see anything I'd really...
  13. rdc1978

    Gel phase and micas

    This is probably a beginners question so I'm posing it here. I always force my soaps through gel phase. I recently made a batch of soap with micas that were green, pink and a silver grey. I poured some into my loaf mold and had a bit leftover so I poured that into some individual cavity...
  14. rdc1978

    any upcoming sales on FO?

    Hi everyone. I want to do a big, final fragrance oil order for the year and was wondering if there were any companies that may have an upcoming sale on FO for CP soaps. I have only purchased from Brambleberry and Nurture Soap thus far, but if the sale is good enough I'm open to other...
  15. rdc1978

    SOS! Help! Batter going to thick trace in record time!

    I wanted to do a CP process with a freestyle zig zag swirl like how they have on soaping 101. I have done this soap before and it came out really pretty. The last time I did it I used the same fragrance oil that I used this time, namely Bamboo Mint from Brambleberry, which I LOOOOVE. This...
  16. rdc1978

    Soap fail - what went wrong??

    My soap has these weird cracks and kinda crumbles in it. I'm not sure why because I think there are a few possible culprits. 1. Heat to force gel phase - Since I soap at a fairly low temperature, I normally put my mold on a cookie sheet, put a cardboard box over the mold and wrap it in an...
  17. rdc1978

    Soap cutter

    I'm interested in buying a soap cutter, but I'd like one that a) is the best value, b) somewhat reasonably priced and c) works. I purchased one like this and I'm a little frustrated because the walls aren't high enough to accommodate the loaves that come out of my mold. But maybe it...
  18. rdc1978


    I keep getting ants in my pants and trying to do swirls are emulsification and the colors all bleed together. I know better! What is wrong with me? Arghhhhh!!!!!!!! That was a rhetorical question. I just had to vent :(
  19. rdc1978

    Loofah soap

    I want to do a loofah CP soap (in a Pringles can). I have three, what I hope are simple questions. 1. Should my batter be at thin trace or thick trace? I watched a soaping 101 video and she did her soap at medium/thick trace, but that seems counterintuitive and reading some of the posts on...
  20. rdc1978

    Getting from emulsion to very light trace

    I think I finally figured out how to get my soap batter to emulsion. I figured it would be easier just to do all soap swirl designs from there, but it's been a bit of a problem. I tried to do a cosmic swirl technique where you color layer three different colors and then pour it into a loaf...