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    Tomato juice salt bar

    Hi all, I'm attempting yet another experimental batch - a salt bar with tomato juice. I'm aiming for a 15% superfat to keep the bar smooth. Here are the ingredients that I've used: Lye Liquid: 6.10 oz. tomato juice 2.22 oz. lye Soap Fats: 14 oz. coconut oil 2 oz. castor oil...
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    "Old" Crisco vs. "New" Crisco

    Hi all, A number of years back, Crisco reformulated their shortening products to result in fewer trans fats. They switched from this ingredient list: to this ingredient list: For those who soap with Crisco, did this affect the performance of the soap after using the reformulated Crisco...
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    Food coloring in cold process soap?

    Hi all, What kinds of experiences did you all have using store-bought food coloring for cold process soap? Does the color turn out vivid, and does the coloring cause the soap to seize? The store-bought colordings use water and propylene glycol as its base. Thanks, --Metal Substance
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    Tomato juice and lye quantity

    Hi all, I have followed various discussions on using juices instead of water when mixing in lye, with great interest! Now, I am interested in making a tomato juice batch. Here are my questions for those who have done this before: 1. Do I measure out the same amount of tomato juice as I...
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    I can't stay off this forum, and I can't stop making soap!! I wonder if I should join Soapers Anonymous? :) --Metal Substance
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    Is this a good scale?

    It's the ChefMate "Digital Nutritional Scale" that I just got from Target. It has an accuracy of +/- 0.05oz. or +/- 1g. Is this good enough for weighing lye? --Metal Substance
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    I think I figured out why my last three batches gave ash...

    I thought for a second that it may have been because those batches are 100% vegetable sources without lard, or that I've been using a hand mixer or stick blender instead of mixing by hand. But something dawned upon me...I poured my first three batches into glass molds, and my last three into...
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    Sea Buckthorn oil?

    Hi all, Lately I've been hearing more about a type of plant oil known as "sea buckthorn": I'm wondering if any attempts have been made to create a soap from this oil, what kind of properties the soap may have, and whether this oil can be found...
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    A comprehensive, freely-redistributable sap chart?

    Hi all, Along with soapmaking, my other major hobby is working with computers. One of my pet projects is to work on a soap recipe database program complete with a lye calculator. I am looking for a comprehensive and up-to-date list of NaOH sap values that I can incorporate into my program...
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    How's this for a shampoo bar?

    Hi all, I've just finished pouring batch #6 into a mold (and I'll have to post pictures later on!) and now onto batch #7 -- a shampoo bar! This is the oil blend that I'm considering making: 10 oz. Olive Oil (light) 4 oz. Coconut Oil 2 oz. Castor Oil 5% lye discount Eucalyptus...
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    Hello from Colorado!

    Hi all, I'm currently a newbie at soap-making, having made a total of 6 one-pound batches so far. I'm loving this hobby and I'm finding myself making more soap than I can use in a year! :) Is anyone else from Colorado? --Metal Substance
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    Batch Number 6! :)

    Wow, this is such an engaging hobby, that I'm making far more soap than I can actually use in a year! :) I'm attempting a vegetable shortening-based soap to see how it will turn out. Here is what I used: 2 sticks of Crisco (for a total of 12.5 oz.) 4 oz. LouAna Coconut Oil 2.22 oz. lye...
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    Soybean oil: brittle, flaky, stinky soap?

    Hi all, After making three successful batches of soap using lard and coconut oil, I have attempted to experiment with a pure-vegetable-oil soap blend using 75% soybean and 25% coconut (refined) oils. While the soap cleans and lathers well, I noticed that as it continues to dry and cure, it...