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    ISO dupe for Aromatique "The Smell of Christmas" .

    I love love love this scent (and their Smell of Spring)...I have not yet found a christmas FO that smells anything like it....I have tried Candle Science and Lonestar so far... Anyone familiar with these scents, please help! :cry: Thanks Dana
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    Question about GM Soap (UPDATED)

    Ok, I tried my first batch of gm soap a few nights ago. Used Paul's RTCP method. I have heard people say GM soap can turn orange (why?) And be white to brown in color. What makes it that way? (that color?) Should GM soap gel or no? I know in soapmaking in general I have read to gel or...
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    Question about my 50/50 Lye Solution with Aloe Vera Juice

    Earlier I made my first 50/50 lye solution using Aloe Vera Juice for the water. Changed color, which I expected......but.... There is about a 1/4 layer of a foamy type substance on top of the mixture? When stirring it does not incorporate back in, it comes back to the top. Is this...
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    Making gm soap with RTCP process?

    This will be my first batch of gm soap. I usually use the RTCP process. When doing so, should the GM still be frozen first? Thanks! dana
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    RTCP Question

    Well I tried making RTCP soap today and it was GREAT! I never tried this before (actually this is my 4th batch of soap ever lol) Question: I guess since the ingredients were room temp there is not a gel stage? Already this is the most beautiful looking soap I have made to date! I used 50%...
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    I made my 1st batch.....but now, I have questions about....

    My recipe! Due to all the good advice shared here, my 1st batch of CP went without a hitch. I used the following recipe from Kathy Miller's site: Olive Oil 12.5oz Coconut76 8oz Palm 6 oz Cocoa Butter .5oz Lye 3.6oz Distilled H2O 8.7oz What I...
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    Can you help me with body butter? (newbie) :)

    I would really like to make a body butter. (I'm new to b&b product making). My goal is to make something I like as well as, or better than, my personal favorite which is by the Body Shop and is Shea Body butter. THEIR ingredient list is: (gulp) Water (Solvent/Diluent), Shea Butter...
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    Starter kit for container candles?

    It has been suggested I try a starter kit for my first candles. I want to try containers. Can anyone suggest a good kit/company? I have read both to try a craft store kit and also NOT to do so, so I'd like some input from those with experience. Thanks :lol: Dana
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    Questions about Fragrance in CP

    Yes, more newbie questions :) First and foremost, how do you know how much FO or EO to add to a recipe? When I'm looking at oils online the vendor might suggest 3-5oz to add. But to add to how much? Is there a standard ratio you used? I've searched and not yet found an answer. I do understand...
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    Cigar Bands?

    I hope you all aren't tiring of all my newbie questions...I certainly appreciate your patience! :shock: I like the look of finished soaps with the paper band wrapping, I assume this is what people refer to as a "cigar band"? My question is, how do you do it? Is each one individually cut to...
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    Help with my first recipe to try...?

    I thought I would try this recipe from Cathy Miller's site. According to the site, this will make about 7lbs of soap....WAY more than I want to try for my first batch. I don't have any exotic ingredients, but I do have access to these items. Is this ok for a first base recipe to try? Also I...
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    Soap pot and tools question

    Hey everyone, I have another newbie question. I thought I would have to buy all new stuff to use in soapmaking (stainless steel pot, pitcher, spatulas, etc.) However, when reading on the Miller site again, she said that except in the case of wooden utensils, there is no need to have...
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    A few more questions about buying supplies (oils, EO)

    Are there any places that I can buy EO local or is it best to get that kind of thing from an online supplier? I have noted many sources here. I will also look into oils locally...but wondering if the more exotic oils that can be ordered are worth the time and wait :) I am going to try a simple...
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    Newbie needs help before attempting first batch of CP soap

    Hi everyone! After much reading and studying, I am ready I think to make my first batch of soap. I'd like to try CP. From what I have gathered, I need a simple recipe that doesn't make a huge amount. Yet a the smaller the batch the less room for error in my measurements. Should I try a...
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    Hello to all from a total newbie!

    Hello everyone! I found this site during an internet search for soap making. I'm in the research stage now, so much info out there it gets a bit overwhelming. I think I'll start with CP first once I find a simple recipe/small batch, and go from there. I'm trying to make a list of what...