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  1. K

    Olive Oil soap and the reason

    it is slimy... there was a post a while back about that that explained it very well. i have searched but cant find it and cn't remember who posted it... anyone remember? TIA!! :D
  2. K

    hard flakey soap? pic added

    i made 2 batches of plain lard soap today. i popped bothin the oven to gel then left them alone in oven with it off for a couple of hours. i went to remove them from the oven and they were both very hard so i unmolded and cut them, but when i cut them they are very hard and they are flakey all...
  3. K


    i am looking for either a good (true) lemongrass FO or a good supplier for the EO.
  4. K

    $500 as a gift...

    :shock: what should i buy?? i know i want to buy stuff that will make my life easier as far as soaping etc... what is your "can't live without" tool i already intend to buy a couple of stick blenders as back ups, but what else? also, DH just surprised me that he is having a contracter...
  5. K


    i just recently found tis company and i LOVE their speed! i ordered somthing late last night and around 10 this A.M. i get an email saying that my order has already shipped and it should be here Wedneday. i am super excited because the scents are for a homeless sheler project i am working on...
  6. K

    Good Lookin Cowboy

    i soaped my GLC from Daystar i got pretty fast trace, i would not have had time to do a swirl but i wanted speckles, so i got what i far i added FO to the oils, my oils were 120* and my lye was 110* when i mixed. it took 2 or 3 good bursts with the SB to get to med trace, and by...
  7. K

    square foot gardening?

    i just heard of this yesterday and am wondering if anyone has done it and how hard it was? i am green thumb challenged, (i was the ONLY person in the class with brown dead plants in plant science) i really want to become more self sustaining even though i live in the city. this square foot...
  8. K

    as a treat just for you?

    the other thread about luxury soap stuff made me think, i know that all of us make our own soap but is there anything you buy from other soapers etc that is a treat when you want to splurge on something for yourself? for me it is Tabitha's Mists. I adore her Concubine scent and get so many...
  9. K

    how much per batch/bar?

    i am doing the math on how much it costs me per batch/bar and am wondering if i am paying too much or if i am doing good etc? right now with my basic recipe and my basic FO cost i pay .98 per bar. is that good? mediocre? or too much? what are you paying? (if you dont mind sharing) :wink:
  10. K

    my spoon swirl attempt

    i was inspired so i had to try one too : ) it looks a little more blue that it is in real life but is pretty close it is scented cucumber and lavender. Uploaded with
  11. K

    just made my first order from Daystar

    i ordered Absinthe Good Looking Cowboy Hunter's Moon Nathaniel Bittersweet Kiss anyone soaped any of these? i was avoiding Daystar because i *KNEW* i would become addicted but i finally gave in and ordered and fed my addiction
  12. K

    a big sad :(

    today i was going into the studio to take pics of my soap ( i want to learn product photography) and i brought along my nearly 1 month old buttermilk bastile bars to take pics of them too. my DD was trying to be helpful and grabbed the box to carry into the studio but she dropped it and every...
  13. K


    the ceiling in my soaping room is pouring water out of it! i had all my stuff out to make some soap today and now, i have to demolish my room (again) so that the repair guys can come in and fix it (again) :twisted: :evil: :cry:
  14. K

    what do i do with extra?

    i am trying my hand at making soy candles and i followed directions, but i have a little bit of extra wax left over. i poured it into a silicone mold to let it get hard but can i save it and use it later on once i have more jars? i already colored and scented it with the rest of my batch so i...
  15. K

    Stamped buttermilk & honey

    Uploaded with i stamped one and it turned out perfect, then i went to do the next one and it didnt come out at all. i stamped all over the messed up bar and i am guessing it is just too soft still. this piece is an end piece. i am so happy with it, but wonder when is a good...
  16. K

    gelatin as a thickener?

    i was wondering if using fruit pectin in liquid soap would thicken it up? anyone ever tried this?
  17. K

    blue tansy?

    anyone know of a place that carries blue tansy and is reasonably priced?
  18. K

    an experiment...

    i am working on something and my fingers are crossed that it will come out, but i got partial gel on my loaf. if it has just cooled down, but not cut yet, can i pop it in the oven and get it to finish gelling with out damaging the soap?
  19. K

    liquid soap ?

    does anyone know how to or what to add to liquid soap to make more of a bath/shower gel thickness? i really like the liquid soap i make but want to thicken it up a bit more, without leaving out water
  20. K

    buttermilk and honey bastile- cut pic added :)

    Uploaded with this is my buttermilk and honey bastile i am cutting later today or tomorrow.