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  1. rdc1978

    Post your Gripe

    I'm curious about where you've seen this. I've seen it for food orders and I'll tip because I know it takes work to put my order together, I know places are struggling and I'd tip in restaurant but I've never seen it in any other context. I can totally understand your feelings.
  2. rdc1978

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    The soapy thing I did today was make the wish version of Anne Marie's gorgeous soap using vanilla lavender by WSP. LOL. Shout out to @Todd Ziegler because I used the HVCS and there was no battery discoloration. Worked like a dream. The problems with design were operator error only
  3. rdc1978

    wsp sale

    I'm not affiliated with wsp, but stumbled on their 25% of all colorants flash sale so I thought I'd let my fellow soapers know. I hope its okay to put in this forum since I think it gets a lot of traffic and the sale is (according to wsp) over tonight. I've been pretty dedicated to madmicas...
  4. rdc1978

    Nurture Soap Shipping Protection Bogus?

    Last time I ordered from ns, their bottles were plastic and were wrapped pretty snugly so I wouldn't worry too much about breaking. HOWEVER, I did once have an ns order that, pardon my french, was a clusterf8k. at that time, ns used fedex for their free shipping, but with that service, fedex...
  5. rdc1978

    Violet Woods

    LOL @ panic plop. The term is hilarious and is a perfect way to describe it. Like "get in the mold, GET IN THE MOLD!"
  6. rdc1978

    Max usage of fo/eo blend

    Thank you. I think WSP uses the IRFA to calculate their max. Not the answer I want but the answer I need. Are you sure they don't just pull the number out of thin air to annoy me???? LOL, JK. @Megan thanks for the idea about hot process. Maybe at the lower rate the fragrance will stick...
  7. rdc1978

    Which would you choose: slab mold & cutter, or slab with dividers

    Thanks, the whole thing was a happy accident. I was on the verge of throwing the whole thing away or shredding it for the hypothetical confetti soap I've been planning to make for a year now. LOL ETA : I also got to use my crinkle cutter. LOL
  8. rdc1978

    Which would you choose: slab mold & cutter, or slab with dividers

    I am not AS experienced but I'd take the log cutter. I recently had a slab soap disaster and the design I had planned was supposed to be on top of the soap. But things were going south so bad that I just had to get the batter into the mold. The top was awful looking, but when I cut the...
  9. rdc1978

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    It's hard to see but those are hearts! Fragranced with waterlily and bluebell from WSP
  10. rdc1978

    How can you avoid inhaling Lye fumes?

    I keep my distilled water in the refrigerator, I open a window and use an n95 mask. That does the trick for me.
  11. rdc1978

    Feeling discouraged- soap making is hard!

    op - your experience makes me smile because its somewhat similar to mine. I had gotten a "beginners" book about soapmaking from a friend. The first recipe that caught my eye was for a goat milk and honey shampoo bar. It was an EPIC fail, because I used fresh goat milk and it certainly wasn't...
  12. rdc1978

    Max usage of fo/eo blend

    Hi everyone, W wp I know there was a similar question asked, but I didn't want to piggyback off that post and my question may be slightly different. I've ordered a few fragrance oil/essential oil blends from WSP. One of them was machta tea. I normally use fo at about 6% so I hadn't...
  13. rdc1978


    Oh no. I'm so so so so so sorry this is happening to you. And so glad the symptoms are mild and that you are both vaccinated. I know it's cliche but my thoughts are with you and I hope that she will have a speedy and full recovery.
  14. rdc1978

    Slow order fulfillment

    I've always had a slow ship time with WSP. I'm not sure if they are hoping more people will pay the $15 to "cut the line" or if they are just super busy. Last time when I got a box from them I had literally forgotten I placed the order! It was a great surprise!
  15. rdc1978

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Thanks, maybe I'll just wait!
  16. rdc1978

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Thanks a million! I checked it out. Nothing I'm super interested in but it was good to take a look!
  17. rdc1978

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    The soapy thing I did today was attempt a 4 pound slab of a heart design that didn't go how I wanted :( On another note are there any companies with an upcoming big sale? I'd like to buy some more rose fragrance oils but I never seem to get the sale updates!
  18. rdc1978


    A few years ago (before covid) I just started bringing my water bottle with me everywhere. I think it was in an effort to drink more water and because I don't like disposable straws. You should do what makes you comfortable, but I'd hate to give up good food.
  19. rdc1978


    I feel like the message was always that the vaccine offered less immunity against the delta variant. I think your point about stopping masking and social distancing too soon is fair. But I also think that people in particular areas and with a particular mindset already weren't masking and...
  20. rdc1978


    As an addendum, apparently Washington hospitals aren't obligated to take out of state patients. Its at the discretion of each hospital...