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    Sugar scrub

    Whipped Sugar scrub
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    Men's Hair and Beard wax

    Hi, Has anyone tried their hands on Hair and Beard wax. Am trying to make one with oil ,however the ones which are available in the market , it includes Lye. Would anyone can help where can I look for such video. I have tried googling it and also seeing almost all videos on you tube but there...
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    Greasy cream

    Hi All, I would like to make a cream which leaves a lil bit oil feel on the skin after applying. Am trying to make one with 10 % of Butter and 15% of oils ( almond, rosehip) , by the way, this total 25% of oil and butter includes 6% of dimethicone. So the oil and butter percentage further...
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    Xanthum Gum for thicker consistency

    Hi Everyone, Am sure everyone must be busy with their soap making as this is the festive time and the time when we all look forward sharing our handmade stuff with others. as a gift ..😊 In india, Our festive time starts right with Diwali which is coming in the first week of Nov this time and...
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    My new soaps

    Hi All hope you all are doing good. Have made few new soaps
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    Amino acid soap Base

    Dear all I found out from Instagram that there is one amino acid soap base which looks absolute transparent. My question is that how amino acid soap base is different from the Trandparend melt and pour soap base. There is not much information on net.Though it says that it is good for the...
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    Gemstone soaps

    Few gemstone soaps
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    MP soaps

    Hi, this is the first time I am posting the soaps here on SMF. Nothing great, but just wanted to share it with you all :)
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    Handwash Receipe

    Hi All, wouldn anyone be able to share the Basic handwash receipe using coco betain and glycerin. I dont want use the either SLES or Castile soap. thank you
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    Basic Handwash recipe

    Hi how can I make a SLES hand wash. Would anyone be able to share the basic receipe.
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    shampoo, shower gel seperating

    my shower gel and shampoo are separating after few days , why is that so
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    Soap Frosting - Pastry Soap

    Hi all I would like to try my hands on Pastry/cupcakes soap using Melt and pour process. Am just curious on how I will make the frosting? Can anyone pls help.
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    weighing scale

    Hey, I need to buy a new weighing scale.. Any suggestions. The earlier one which I bought wasn't expensive but this time I would like to invest more . P.S - Would prefer wifi can buy the scale from India
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    Difference between Hydrolysed silk protein and Silk protein

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well! I would like to know the difference between hydrolysed silk protein and silk protein
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    Making liquid shampoo

    Hi I am trying to make the liquid shampoo , it is giving my hair volume, but not giving that shine and silky-ness to may hair that am looking for. Would like to ask which ingredients do I add to have silky and shiny hair.?
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    Where do you keep your ingredients

    Was curious to know where all do you keep your ingredients at a cooler place or it is ok to keep them at a place which is humid? Does it impact their shelf life? I live in India where in Summers the temperature can go up to 50 degree. a d the ingredients have been lying their for long. Was...
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    transparency is not there in my shower gel

    I am making the shower gel and its transparent as well in its first phase, But in the second phase, I add preservatives , fragrance and colour it looses its transparency. am somehow not achieving what I have been wanting. in fact I would like to share the look of the Gel i made just now. Can...
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    Which fragrance to use in Liquid shampoo

    Hi all, can you all suggest which fragrance to use in shampoo. I want to use a mild one. I have tried few but not liking any.
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    Laundry Bar

    I have been making both MP and CP soaps. I would like to make the laundry Bar, I have seen the receipes but the liquid and detergent laundry soap receipe is available buy I couldnt find any recipe for making the bar. Can anyone suggest me the recipe for Laundry Bar
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    Cream and Lotion making

    Hi, I would like to subscribe to the Cream and lotion making . Would anyone be able to suggest someone preferably in India