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    actually, I wanted the glass jars for body butter. I like the look of glass for those. I will definitely use plastic for the body scrubs. Thanks for the heads up.
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    I need nice glass containers for my body butters and scrubs. I am in the Los Angeles area, and would love to be able to go and buy them, but I will probably have to order. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
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    I did it! My first successful body scrub

    Thanks to all that posted on my question about body scrubs. Last weekend, I had some time, so I created my own recipe for a salt scrub (after MUCH research), and it came out LOVELY! But the great part is that in the process, I created a GREAT butter! They are both water free, and I used...
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    I just ordered some fo's from saveonscents, I can't wait to get them! Could you please share your results, and I'll share mine when I get them! :lol:
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    New to making bath products

    Thanks all for your replies and help! Tabitha, the product is Lemongrass olive oil soothing salt scrub by Asquith and Somerset. I love the smell of the lemongrass, and found it easy to duplicate the smell of the product with essential oils. The problem is, they don't have the scent on their...
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    New to making bath products

    I became interested in making my own salt scrubs when I found that the scrub I like best is discontinued (the scent). So, I'm sure you all know the rest. I tried making my own, it smelled wonderful but one batch was too oily, and the oil did not rinse off....the second made the typical oil...