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    Who has best price - Coconut Oil (76 deg)

    Your so lucky Leo, of course there are probably other things that are not so cheap.
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    Who has best price - Coconut Oil (76 deg)

    I buy mine at Gordon Food Supply 50 lbs. for $58.00.
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    What got you into soap making?

    We were at my husband's cousins house in Ga. She had it sitting on a plate on the counter. I asked "What is this?" She said "It's soap, I made it." I asked "You made it?" I thought that was so cool so I started buying books and the rest is history. Every night I had soap bars dancing in my...
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    Water discounting question

    Just a word of warning: Don't plan on doing any swirling with this method because it does not give you enough time to do so. Believe me I know. :D
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    transparent soap

    Hi, I don't think you could really duplicate melt n pour soap. If you want transparent soap here are my instructions. But you can't just melt it down after it cures though.
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    Hi, my name is Kristy

    Hi, I'm new here, kinda found this forum by accident. I've been making soap about 9 months to a year. I started last Feb. but I broke my wrist soon after and had to have a cast for 6 wks and a brace for another 6 weeks. So technically 9 months. I've been married 23 years ever since I was...
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    My first pic here of soap

    Hi I'm Kristy, I'm new here so I thought I would post my first pic. This is "Ocean Waves" scented with Ocean Fresh from RA. The turquoise curls are homemade transparent soap.