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    Oat milk in soap shelf life

    Hi! I would like to add oats into a soap for dogs and was wondering if this would change the expiration date? I was thinking about adding homemade or shop bought oat milk rather than colloidal oats. Will this make the soap mould quicker or will it last as long as normal? Thanks everyone ❤️
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    Safety regarding dogs

    Hello! I’ve just gotten into soap and made my second batch just a minute ago. I heard a tiny lye bead land on the floor, which panicked me a bit because I have a small puppy at home who has a tendency to taste everything he finds. I hoovered the kitchen and surrounding areas two or three times...
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    Dishwasher with other stuff?

    Hi, I apologise if there is already an answer to this question somewhere else but I have been looking high and low and cannot find a direct answer! I made my first batch of soap yesterday. When I was done, the bowls and utensils had been sitting for a bit soaking in water. Afterwards, I popped...
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    EO in dog soap

    Hi, I have recently started making soap and made a recipe for a dog shampoo. When it is slightly more cured, I am going to test the pH to make sure it is right for dogs but until then, I was wondering about the dosage of essential oils. I've made a lavender scented loaf, where I steeped dried...