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    anyone want to pass on some recipes..??

    ..hi there...come on folks..must be some wonderful tried and trusted recipes to share...??..:) i am only so very new to this...i was going to try soap...but well that hasn't come through :lol: ....was told go for candles!! here goes...would love to hear from some people who do it and love...
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    how clean is your house!!!!

    don't know if any of you have watched that show How Clean is your House..but on occasion my son (10yrs) and i watch it. he watches it to go ..ooH people realy live like that!! and i explain some of them away~ as not all of us have had great guidance in life least that is the...
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    just dropping in!

    :cry: sorry i havent' been around ..have been sick and now am back at they say~ no rest for the ..ummmm wicked..? :twisted: ? :P hehehee anyways..i am still inspired..and funny enough look at things differently now...suddenly the most ordinary thing....could be.....well...a soap...
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    Juice Extractor

    have just been given a brand new spanking Big Mouth juice extractor for my birthday. would love to hear of any fave recipes any of you have. so far i have been making carrot celery and apple mix yummo~ however..i would love to add beets to it. do i need to cook up the beet...
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    i just put a few drops of orange EOils on my swiffer pad and did the floors..i have this beautiful fresh clean uplifiting aroma all through the house now! i just can't ever imagine going back to a mop and bucket.;)
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    buying lye in Canada?!?!??

    i am in BC, i am wondering what store you are buying from your Lye from.? thanks!
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    Fruit looking soaps.???!??!?

    ok..what me got me inspired to make soap..was some time ago at a hippy market..there was a man selling soaps..that looked like fruit..... by that i mean..there were quarters that looked like watermelon...and orange looking soaps that were cut...strawberry looking soaps..etc...they were very...
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    never made soap before! can't wait to start..:)

    hello~~~ i am very new to soap just in the stage of exploring and reading and gathering up what i need, am soooo happy i found your site..i am sure i will drive my family cRaZy~ as i do nothing but peruse your site for the next...umm days weeks..months..?? hehee ~namaste~