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    Crazy Bubble Soap Recipe-The sequel

    I'm a newbie to soap making and I've been trying to make my first recipe. (I've made cold process soap before just haven't designed my own recipe) I made a post a couple of months back asking about my first draft for a recipe and I made some edits to it and now I have this new and improved...
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    Crazy Bubble Recipe Feedback?

    Oh wow! Thank you all for the input! I‘ll be sure to update my recipe correctly and look into sustainable palm oil (thanks for the tip!)
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    Crazy Bubble Recipe Feedback?

    Thank you for the advice! My reasoning behind using fractioned coconut oil is that I've heard it's bubblier than the regular. Is there anything I could use to substitute the palm oil/lard that has the same effect? Fractioned coconut oil reference Coconut oil differences and use (not only) in...
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    Crazy Bubble Recipe Feedback?

    I'm a newbie to soap making and this is one of my first recipes so I'd really appreciate some critique! I'm set on making a vegan soap that's extremely bubbly and can take well to detailed molds. This is what I have so far!