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    Customer Issue

    I had a customer hand me a jar of cream on Saturday telling me it didn't smell right. I opened it and it didn't smell anything like the fragrance listed. I just told her I would replace it by the end of this week. I always try to go with "the customer is always right" although, we all know...
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    Wisconsin Bath Bomb news story

    I need to rant a bit. Last Saturday I was at a craft fair selling my soap and lotions. Directly behind me was a booth with hand knitted items and bath bombs. They were displayed in large glass jars. No packaging, vivid colors, and a not so pleasant smell when they opened the jars to sell. I...
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    Getting into Bottles

    I wanted to put lotion in 4 oz bottles and it got too thick before I poured it. I tried many ways but finally ended up putting the lotion in a zip lock bag and cutting a small hole in one end and squeezed it into bottles. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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    Colloidal Silver

    I was approached by a customer asking me if I would be interested in using colloidal silver in my soap. He explained that it was antibacterial. I told him that I sell a lot of tea tree oil soap and that it is antibacterial. I also told him that I would research this. Has anyone ever used the...