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  1. Carly B

    Pigments vs micas

    What's the difference between pigments and micas? Can they be used interchangeably in CP soap? Is there a benefit to using one over the other?
  2. Carly B

    Favorite and/or least favorite words

    Seeing a post where @TheGecko talked about words she hated made me wonder what words folks here liked or disliked. What words conjure up strong feelings for you, either in the way they are pronounced or their meanings? Maybe we can all learn some new, fun words. 😁 I have a tendency to love...
  3. Carly B

    Cold Process vs Melt and Pour Opinions

    This is a question for those of you who do, or have done both. What are your preferences, and why? I started with M&P 15 or so years ago. I was nervous about using lye, so I bought M&P bases and had a lot of fun for a couple years. I always had admiration of those who made CP--I preferred...
  4. Carly B

    Candle and tart curing questions?

    I primarily make soap, but I have made candles in the past, and currently I am making wax tarts because hubby and I prefer those. I don't sell, it's for my own use or gifts. So here are my questions: What is the purpose of curing candles? I understand the reasoning for curing soap, the...
  5. Carly B


    Today is the my 3 year anniversary for making CP soap! :dance: Today is the first time I experienced what I think was ricing. 😢 Can anything else besides the fragrance cause ricing? I used Laila from Scent Memory, and none of the reviews of it mentioned ricing--they said it behaved well. I...
  6. Carly B

    Scent Memory Fragrances arrived!

    The fragrances I ordered from Scent Memory showed up today. What a group of intense and unusual fragrances. The one that blew me away the most was La Boulangerie. I generally do NOT like foody scents, but every time I sniffed this, I could see a gorgeous French baguette with a crackly crust...
  7. Carly B

    Hey KiwiMoose!!

    I just tried the 20% soy wax soap I made at the beginning of July.:winner: It is the hardest soap I've ever made, but that didn't impede the lather. What a gorgeous, creamy thing it is.....
  8. Carly B

    Fragrance usage question

    Why would a fragrance usage rate be less on soap, which is rinse-off, than on a leave-on product? I just saw one that said soap--2.74%, lotion--6.20% I don't want to assume it's a typo, because I've seen instances of this at more than one site......
  9. Carly B

    Unusual fragrances

    I love to read all the vendors' descriptions of their fragrances, but after a while they all sound pretty much the same, and quite honestly, my nose doesn't often pick up the fragrance notes they call out,. Many of the fragrances variables are so slight that often several fragrances smell the...
  10. Carly B

    Holiday fragrances

    It's that time of year. Vendors are sending out emails touting all their new fragrances for the fall, winter, and holidays. What new fragrances are you planning on getting or trying for the holidays? Enable me. (not that it's hard) :nodding: ETA: I just realized I probably should have put...
  11. Carly B

    Found on Amazon!

    For less than $8. It fits my loaf mold perfectly. (my loaf mold is 8 inches long). Most of the ones I've seen have been 10" long and over $40. So I thought this was a good find and wanted to pass it along.
  12. Carly B

    Fragrance information

    In another thread, MelissaG mentioned a vendor I had never heard of, Little Bee. Being easily enabled, I went over to look at the site. They have something on their site that I wish other fragrance vendors would use...
  13. Carly B

    Goatmilk Powder questions

    Do you list it as goatmilk powder or goatmilk? And because I am a pro at over thinking things: When you list the ingredients on your label in descending order, when you use goatmilk powder directly in your oils, do you list it based on the weight of the powder or do you list it based on the...
  14. Carly B

    Trying new (to me) things

    I generally have either a tallow or a lard/tallow masterbatch on hand, but I decided to try some new things, both using and not using the masterbatch. Below, from top to bottom: 1. My first soy wax soap. Scented with Nurture's Island Oasis, I poured it, well, glopped it really, into my 6"...
  15. Carly B

    A shout out for great customer service

    Elements Bath and Body As you may have read in an earlier post, they had some great clearance stuff, but when my order arrived, a few things were missing. I wrote them, and they shipped the stuff out. They wrote back and apologized and sent what was omitted. Except for one item. I assumed...
  16. Carly B

    Hydrogenated Soybean Oil?

    Is this the same as soy wax? I was looking at the MMS website, and their soap recipe that they use to test stuff is below. The soap calc says 'Soy bean, fully hydrogenated (soy wax)." But if that's the case, then half the oils are the soy wax. Would a soap that's half "wax" even be usable...
  17. Carly B

    Fragrance Buddy 25% off Memorial Day Sale

    25% off through SATURDAY (not Monday). I love FB's fragrances--they're a good deal even without the sale, and there is a huge selection. Lots of Lush dupes for those who like that sort of thing.
  18. Carly B

    Attention Tallow Lovers!

    I wanted to get some more tallow before the summer heat arrived, and I discovered that right now, Essential Depot has a 7 lb tub of tallow on sale for under $27, and FREE SHIPPING! Please note, I went to their actual site, not their Amazon store. On Amazon, it's just under $40. I don't know...
  19. Carly B

    Epsom Salt

    My neighbor is moving away across country and gave me a huge (19 pound) bag of Epsom salts. Neither hubby nor I take baths, so using them as bath salts or in bath bombs is not an option (I don't sell). What can I do with them? I saw lsg's post from February about using them in a scrub, but I...
  20. Carly B

    Almond Oil vs Sweet Almond Oil

    I inadvertently got almond oil instead of sweet almond oil. Can they be used interchangeably? If not, does anyone know the SAP value for almond oil?