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  1. SunRiseArts

    Two simple soaps

    Japanese Cherry Blossom Cedar wood Vanilla
  2. SunRiseArts

    Mayan Gold

    A mix of CP and MP
  3. SunRiseArts

    Is this s lye burn?

    I did not even feel it, and I was wearing gloves and long sleeves.
  4. SunRiseArts

    Business insurance

    I wonder what the original opinion is on here regarding insurance. I know we all should have it, and I have for 4 years, However, I have not been selling this past year, and policy is due at the end of the month. Money is tight, and I was thinking of doing away with it. The only concern I...
  5. SunRiseArts

    Honey and coconut salt bars

  6. SunRiseArts

    Psychedelic Ghosts

    I was aiming for a little darker, but still like the way they turned out.
  7. SunRiseArts


    It smells divine!
  8. SunRiseArts

    Mystery Fall

    I have had no time to make soap lately, but had to do something, and I took all my old fall scents and that had little bits, and threw them in my batter. Her mystery fall, lol. The orange is supposed to be a simple swirl. Is kind of ghostly, hard to see in the picture. Very simple, since is...
  9. SunRiseArts

    Just had to share .....

    I have several coloring aps, I am crazy about them. But I had to share this page with you all.
  10. SunRiseArts

    MP 4th of July pops

    They have a secret star hidden inside. :)
  11. SunRiseArts


    CP scented with strawberry.
  12. SunRiseArts

    Angel wings

    I made this for a challenge for an angel and demons artwork, instead of a drawing.
  13. SunRiseArts

    Not really for showing ......

    They are one color boring pieces for my boys, lol African, Avobath, Orange Blossom, Tropical Nectar
  14. SunRiseArts

    I have a new hobby.

    Not that I need another one .... :p is called 5d diy full drill diamond painting. Is a mix between cross stitch and beading.
  15. SunRiseArts

    At what temnperature do you pour your fragance?

    I will be honest and say that is probably crazy that I measure my fragrance and wax at the same time. I was watching a video, that the fragrance would be more powerful if you pour as low as possible. But I read blogs on the complete opposite. What is you'll opinions on this?
  16. SunRiseArts

    Ocean beeze

    The top is supposed to be a wave, lol
  17. SunRiseArts

    Movie Popcorn

  18. SunRiseArts

    Very simple honey dew melon

    Lately I do not do much design. I live with only men who can care less about it, lol.
  19. SunRiseArts

    I am so sad and mad at the time.....

    My husband and I are going through financial hardship, but we made a huge sacrifice and bought a nice vehicle for our youngest son who started college, and a new job. A storm just came though our town. It had baseball size hail. When we look through the window, there was so much hail, it...
  20. SunRiseArts

    I got jelous of Nanoo48 and made pineapple soap.

    :p I had the fragrance waiting to be used. They smell sooooo good. I should have waited to cut, but I could not help myself.