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  1. Val’s5

    Extra 50% on e-books right now!

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to share that lovinsoap, is having an extra 50% their ebooks, code SEPT22. Home 😉
  2. Val’s5

    Recipe help

    Hello everyone 🤓. Quick question for yall, ok so Id love to give this recipe a try ( have tons of safflower oil on hand). However, when it comes to liquid, I notice it reads 33% AND 1:1 ratio. Im a bit confused as 33% is 2:1 W:L. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ty! 🙂
  3. Val’s5

    Oils/mica trouble shoot

    Hello everyone, I added a mixture (oils/mica)to my mold before pouring my HP batch. Upon un molding my soap is still “oily” looking- wet to the touch. Question, will it eventually dry out? If anyone has any suggestions, Id greatly appreciate it! Tysm :nodding:
  4. Val’s5

    HP Crockpot might have not cooked long enough

    Hello everyone 🤓, I typically cook my soap in a crockpot on low heat for 30 to 40 minutes. this was a new pot immediately came to thick gel phase in 5-10 min, when I then transferred to a mold. it’s been in the mold for about an hour and the zap test is still “zapping” 🧐… will the zapping go...
  5. Val’s5

    Would anyone mind telling me if this is salt or LYE or maybe air pockets?

    Thank you!
  6. Val’s5

    Sharing nourishing winter soap recipe?

    Would anyone like to share a WINTER ❄️ nourishing CP recipe for my family? Thanks!
  7. Val’s5

    Oatmeal infused water for CPS

    Hello all, I tried a recipe with cold water removed from soaked oats- after a while lye became like oatmeal- still added to warmed oils and pursued in making my soaps. Unmolded (totally fine) and after 3 days tried a zap test and nothing but a soapy taste- Question: Was my lye still in good...