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  1. Sarouche

    How to Make Soap - Soapmaking Guide for Beginners

    I would recommend pouring the lye water through a small strainer in case there is undissolved lye. I would recommend an infrared thermometer. I would include information about dispersing your colorants in oil from the recipe before adding to the batter to prevent spots. I would make sure to tell...
  2. Sarouche

    Zanys Recipe - Help

    I keep elusively searching for a soap recipe that will make my skin feel like it does when I use a bar of dove or the Stephenson foaming bath butter to no avail. Not Castile, not the fake dove recipe I found online, not olive oil, Shea and cocoa butter combinations. And unfortunately two of the...
  3. Sarouche

    Best simple cold process soap design technique for a first time artesian soap maker?

    You might want to make a castile soap then with just olive oil to make sure it is slow moving. Don't water discount and soap at around 90 degrees. Just be sure to add sodium lactate to the lye water so you don't have to wait weeks to unmold it. I would recommend a hanger swirl as being pretty...
  4. Sarouche

    Apple Cider Vinegar Soap

    And I just have to point out (as a physician), that you should never put soap in your vagina. Perhaps they mean soap designed for your vulva which is the outside but the vagina which is inside your body is not supposed to be soaped. Unless you have an infection, it requires nothing to clean it.
  5. Sarouche

    Other hobbies.

    I would love someone to do the carding for me. The most tedious task.
  6. Sarouche

    Other hobbies.

    I use my dehydrator to dry the discard so as to not actually discard it (or make too many carbs, trying to keep the weight stable). I ground it up for ease of storage. It revives after daily feedings for a few days sufficient to float. Easy form to mail/give away.
  7. Sarouche

    Other hobbies.

    My 7 and 10 year old male cousins were in town and were intrigued. I showed them how and they were naturals.
  8. Sarouche

    Other hobbies.

    Well if you ever need some unevenly spun wool, let me know since I am not there yet.:D
  9. Sarouche

    Other hobbies.

    Like others, I am a beekeeper, make other bath products in addition to soap, string necklaces with pearls and other semi-precious stones, spin fiber, garden and give away plants and rooted cuttings...
  10. Sarouche

    What should I add in MnP soap base to make it suitable for dry skin

    Brambleberry has a recipe for adding Aloe lotion to melt and pour soap: 12 Days of Christmas: Lotion Melt and Pour Cubes - Soap Queen
  11. Sarouche

    What is Yoni soap? What makes a soap safe for the vagina ?

    I had an older patient who was staying with her daughter and thought she was using one of those sprays before her GYN appointment but it was one of the kids containers of spray on glitter instead. It made quite an impression on the doctor who said “my aren’t we fancy”