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    Soap for our fur friends

    Thank you very much! I will not put EO
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    Soap for our fur friends

    Thank you very much to everyone! I made my recipe with 20% neem 15% coconut 20% tallow 40% olive 5% castor Will use tea tree essential oil
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    What is THAT?

    I just add aloe vera juice to a light trace.
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    What is THAT?

    Almost all my soap batches have fresh aloe vera juice. BUT!!!! I mix it with san pellegrino(or bottled water), put through a strainer and I add it as a second part of liquid. Never use aloe vera juice to add to lye.
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    Soap for our fur friends

    Good morning dear soap making friends, Have you done such product? This weekend I plan to make bar soap for my doxie. Cold process soap. Olive, coconut, tallow, castor oils. What do you think?
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    Best prices for oils, emulsifiers and other ingredients

    Dear soapmaking community! You know everything! I need to order castor oil, cocoa butter, ingredients for hard shampoo (coco sulfate, izotheanat), BTMS 50 and more. Where is the best prices? I need to order a lot of ingredients! Haven't order anything for a while! Thank you very much!
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    Blueberry Soap

    Blueberry soap with alcana root olive oil infuse to get purple color. Cold process and souffle.