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  1. Zany_in_CO

    Good Advice from Kenna

    This was in my Email this AM. Good advice from Kenna of Modern Soapmaking. It's worth a read if you're like me who tends to get stressed out with high expectations. I'll read this again when I need some "motherly advice" about taking it easier on myself. I hope by posting it here it helps...
  2. Zany_in_CO

    Lovin' Soap Ebooks 50% Off

    LOVIN' SOAP STUDIO - 50% Off Ebooks. Use Code SEPT22.
  3. Zany_in_CO

    HerbCo 15% Off!

    My favorite place to buy herbs is having a sale! The sale applies to the 4 oz. size as well as the 1 lb. so I would advise choosing several 4 oz. to try. Much to my dismay, when I first ordered from them, I found out that a whole pound of calendula takes up a lot of storage space and is enough...
  4. Zany_in_CO

    WSP Pretty Feet Lotion Kit $18

    Not just for Summer! I don't about you, but I need this year round! Click on the link then look for the Recipes & Videos tab. Click to see a short video on how easy it is to make these! I sold a similarly packaged lotion stick for $10 each. What a bargain! PRETTY FEET LOTION STICK - Makes 8...
  5. Zany_in_CO

    Free 26 page Guide to making Cold Processed Soap

    LOVIN' SOAP - COLD PROCESS SOAP MAKING GUIDE An Excellent overview of everything about making Cold Process soap Easy to understand and follow with lots of colorful pictures of the process! Briefly, I "met" Amanda & Aaron online in 2004 and...
  6. Zany_in_CO

    Soap Savers

    I love these! I'm sorry I don't have the source, but if you crochet you could make them yourself. I have some that a soaping buddy gave me years ago. They also make practical-but-pretty packaging for a gift bar!
  7. Zany_in_CO

    DIY Lotion & Cream Tutorial This is a digital download. No physical item will be sent to you. Your file will be available to...
  8. Zany_in_CO

    Microbial Test Kit - 4 Pack
  9. Zany_in_CO

    How to Edit My Profile?

    Can someone please explain how to edit my profile? The last time I checked, the only thing I was able to change was my avatar. Editing my profile was not an option. TIA (Thanks In Advance) <<< added that because previously someone thought "TIA" was my user name. 🤣
  10. Zany_in_CO

    FOs - Scent Memory Fragrance

    Scent Memory Fragrance is definitely worth a look for unique FOs based on popular OTC perfumes and other fragrances. You won't find the same-name FOs that other sellers offer. I love the look of their site too! The prices seem in line with other sites. Check out their "Sample Bundles" to by...
  11. Zany_in_CO

    FlowFlex Covid Home Test Kit

    Midnight, Thursday June 9 I tested negative for COVID today. The Home Test Kit is easy to do. Swipe both nostrils with a swab. Stick the swab in a tube to mix with a small amount of liquid buffer. Squeeze as much of the collected mucus off the swab while removing it from the tube. Drop 4 drops...
  12. Zany_in_CO

    Beard Oil

    How to Make Beard Oil - From Jennifer at Loving Essential Oils
  13. Zany_in_CO

    50% OFF! Ebooks & Eclasses

    Highly recommended! Lovin Soap Studio Summer Sale - 50% Off Ebooks and Eclasses Buy individually or become a Member for $24 per month for free access to all.
  14. Zany_in_CO

    INCI Decoder - Skincare Ingredients

    This is a great tool for decoding skin care ingredients -- whether you just want to know what's in a product, or, if you're like me, when I find a product I love and want to DIY it for personal use! It gets you off to a good start: INCI Decoder EXAMPLE Lanolip's Lemonade Lip Treatment
  15. Zany_in_CO

    Top 10 Essential Oils for Soap

    If you are wondering what EOs to purchase starting out... and more... From Kenna of Modern Soapmaking: Top 10 Essential Oils for Soap Making
  16. Zany_in_CO

    Speaking of Barking Dogs...

    Sooooo.... my neighbor has been complaining that my dog has been barking non-stop. I hate the electric zapping bark collars, so I purchased a humane citronella collar. When a dog barks, it shoots a blast of citronella under their nose and apparently, they don't like it. This morning I was...
  17. Zany_in_CO

    50% Off Transparent Soap from Scratch

    50% OFF Until May 19 Clear Transparent Soap from Scratch eClass $39.99 $19.99 Rated 5 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings (7 customer reviews) From Amanda of Lovin' Soap If you’ve tried your hand at making clear transparent soap in the past, you know the traditional methods of transparent...
  18. Zany_in_CO

    8 Cup/ 2 Liter Borocilicate Glass

    Amazon Brand, Made in China. Microwave & Oven safe. Up to 450°F At last, an 8 cup Borocilicate Measuring Pitcher to replace my old favorite Pyrex that lasted 13 years! Other sizes available.
  19. Zany_in_CO

    Dish Soap CP

    Dish Soap Recipe compliments of Tanya of Lovely Greens: A homemade dish soap that you can use for washing pots, pans, and dishes. It's ready to use two days after making it and is a great zero-waste cleaning product for the natural home. We also use citric acid in this recipe at a rate of 3% of...