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  1. K

    My other hobby

    Absolutely stunning!
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    My procedure for salting out

  3. K

    Trying spider silk

    Pretty good lather happening there at a week! Nice job!
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    So excited - my first soap is ready today!

    Mighty fine job indeed!
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    Finchberry Type soap

  6. K

    Flaxseed Gel

    Lovely color soap. I'm not a yellow lover but that is really nice and the music is so soothing.
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    Hello from Mexico

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    Hi from Oklahoma!

    I have family over by the panhandle. As long as I lived in Okla, never made it to Tulsa. One day maybe..
  9. K

    September 2022 SMF Soap Challenge – Hybrid soaps, pouring CP and MP together

    From Grace to You is one of my favorites. She is so creative and sharing!
  10. K

    Ione, requesting feedback

    Looks good to me!
  11. K

    Hi from Oklahoma!

    Welcome to the family! Where about in Okieland?
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    New entrant

    Welcome to our humble abode :-)
  13. K

    Hi there...

    That would be something to see! I remember traveling the Kangamangus Highway..3 hrs one way for..what was it..6,,10 miles? I think..but lemme tell was specTACular! As far as your pal, I can't say I blame him being he's already been there and done that. But yanno, even with overcast...
  14. K

    Hi there...

    Welcome, Steve! I've spent a good deal of time in Ma. Danvers, "Peabuddy", "New Bedfud", "Gloustah". I love the 4 seasons there. I really do miss that part of the country. The cold and feet and feet of snow ( not to mention the taxes and high prices) keep me from going back. I liked going to the...
  15. K

    New bars new new new

    I think you've done well!
  16. K

    Beer and Hard Cider Soaps

    Very nice indeed! I love beer it!
  17. K

    Mom's long journey

  18. K

    Kaleidoscope Soap - What I have learned so far

    They look great! Nice job!
  19. K

    Star Trek Soap!

    Nicely done!
  20. K

    New to the soap world!

    Welcome to our humble abode :)