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    Has anyone experimented with making a bath oil with oil, FO, and polysorbate?

    I have been thinking about making my own bath oil with some skin friendly oil, FO, and polysorbate 80. Has anyone else done this? My thought was that the polysorbate would disperse the oil and FO into the water for a better experience. Thought I would ask if anyone had experience with this...
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    Erno Lazlo soap

    I saw an article yesterday about Marilyn Monroe's customized skin care regimen from Erno Lazlo. Just as a curiosity, I read it, and it appeared to include soap. They still make this soap, so I have copied the ingredient list and would like your input. It does not include lye as an ingredient...
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    Hair Conditioner for use after medicated shampoo

    I am posting this to see if anyone has a good experience with conditioner, either DIY or bought, for use after using shampoo to treat seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp. I must use these types of shampoos almost exclusively, and they leave my very thin hair dry and lank, especially in the...
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    Benefits of charcoal in CP soap or salt bars

    I have recently started using salt bars, and I have found that they help quite a bit with my rosacea. Even better, they have helped tremendously with the rash on my husband's back! We have been to the dermatologist many times, and although the ointment he gave us keeps it somewhat in check, it...
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    What scents do the guys like?

    Zany, I got so excited since my husband loves Grey Flannel, but it has been discontinued! Bummer.
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    Anhydrous castor oil (PEG castor oil)

    Has anyone used this ingredient in soap or creams? Since it is a wax form, I just wondered if anyone had used it in place of liquid castor oil. I am thinking of trying it.
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    Mineral Oil Facial Cleansing

    I am starting this thread at the suggestion of Zany, and the inspiration for using mineral oil came from Irish Lass. I have very dry skin, but also have a tendency to have rosacea and breakouts, especially in the T zone. I have used DHC cleaning oil and several others over the course of the...
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    I need to find some new gloves for soap making and around the house chores. I would prefer that they be mid-arm length and have enough heft to allow me to fold back a cuff. I would also prefer that they be lined. I looked for an hour or so online yesterday and gave up. The reviews are...