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    Soap has molded

    I'm not sure if I'm able to salvage this batch of laundry soap. I recently had a plumbing disaster at my house, about 2 weeks after I made a batch of soap. When the company came in to dry out the house, they brought big fans and dehumidifiers. Well... with all of this drying out - my...
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    Question on Soap Recipes and Babies

    I was not sure where to put this question. So here goes... This sounds silly to me as I am typing it. I have several friends that announced they are pregnant. When making soap for babies is there any oils or ingredients that you typically stay away from; i.e coconut, palm, lard, crisco? I...
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    My First Batch of Soap

    YEAH!!! ~ I did it!! This is my First Batch of Soap. I used a Basic Vegatable Soap Recipe, but added Lemon Honey for color, Powdered Oatmeal, and Oatmeal Milk Honey FO. Whatcha Think? ... st%20Soap/
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    Drying Trays?

    I am looking for some drying trays. I did not see this answered anywhere on the site. I have found a few varieties of the trays, vented drying trays, plastic drying trays, and treated wood. Wanted to see if you all have a favorite or preference...?
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    I an very new to the soap making... well actually I have not started making soap. I have made a few batches of laundry soap; which led me here, thinking if I can make laundry soap what else can I make.. go figure. So far I have almost all of the equipment (i.e stick mixer, molds, ph testers...