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    Rosemary oleoresin extract, vitamin e, vitamin C and anything else ?.... things to keep bars from going rancid.

    Hi, I’ve been using hemp oil and i really like the natural colour and recipe I’ve made. Just found out that hemp oil has a short shelf like, like 6 months and need to store oil in fridge has brought up many questions. I’m going to order some rosemary oleoresins extract to start to add to this...
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    I have 20 bars in my bathroom so I can test , is there an easier way?

    I’m reading as much as I can about testing to know the soap I make is safe. I’m not selling but I love giving it to friends and colleagues and hope one day to sell extra bars.., so then I can make more. I tried PH strips, was feeling confident about results then read it’s inaccurate . I’ve only...