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  1. Kurt

    Painted stone for daughter's birthday

    Hello talented people. I was really inspired and encouraged by KiwiMoose's beautifully painted Mandala stones: see here if you haven't already: To make a short story long, my daughter is turning 8 tomorrow so I wanted...
  2. Kurt

    Naturally colored soap - The journey

    Hello everyone. I'm finally back from LA!! No, not Los Angeles sillies, Lurkers Anonymous, of course. If you don't mind, let me just get my sob story out of the way first. I signed up on SMF about 6 months ago and was super excited to start the testing phase of my journey. I had some olive...
  3. Kurt

    Hello from Reno!

    Hello and thank you. I'm originally from New York but now reside in Reno, Nevada. Single daddy of a precious 7 year old girl. Thirty years ago I wanted to learn how to make candles so I did what all prehistoric people did at that time; I went to the library and took out every book they had on...