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    Shelf life of oils and soap

    Will the expiry date on the oils I use affect the shelf life of the soap? I have purchased some coconut oil and it has quite a short expiry date. Will it matter as long as I make the soap prior to their expiration? Or will it be prone to DOS?? o_O
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    100 % Coconut oil soap rises

    Hi, I recently made a first attempt at coconut oil soap for laundry - 100% CO, water, 1 % SF. When I opened the lid of the mold the next day it had risen on top, kind of like a cake loaf would rise when being baked. It was rock solid, so no vulcano. I was making the soap testing a new mold...
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    HELP! What’s happening with my soap?

    I have been making soap for about 3 years, and I recently started selling (all recipes are assessed according to EU regulations). All along I have been generally happy with my soaps, but out of the blue I start getting problems. Some of my bars seem to sweat, and there’s a stinky, vinegar smell...