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    exfoliating ingredients

    Hello everyone. I need help choosing an exfoliant. I have used poppy seeds but I was told its a bit rough on the lady bits. I also use tumeric, not so much as an exfoliant but for color, although I do like the texture. So, my real question is, what is a good in between? I was thinking...
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    gelling, I don't get it

    Please help me understand gelling. Is it necessary? Does it affect quality? Some people gel their soap, some don't but cant find info on why I should or should not. If it doesnt affect quality what is the point of the extra step to do so? THA
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    Why is the top of my soap wrinkly?

    So, Im very new to this. The first 3 batches of soap i made came out perfect. They were nothing fancy, no colorants just EOs. I made a few more batches after that and I really crapped the bed with those. I know what happened with those. I was just to tired after working a few night shifts but...