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    Sun Pure Botanicals Essential Oils

    There was another thread in this forum about essential oils purchased from a company called Sun Pure Botanicals. Based on recommendations from another member, I purchased Patchouli, Lemongrass and Orange 5x from this company. (I also ordered Ylang Ylang, but it never shipped and I had to ask...
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    Another batch of CP soap accelerated

    Hello soap family, I had another problem with my batter accelerating last night. I was trying to do a four color soap using turmeric, paprika, TD and AC. I poured the essential oils (clove and tangerine) into the oils before I poured the lye solution. The oils came to trace after 2 or 3 very...
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    Help with CP soap and acceleration

    I'm fairly new to soapmaking and have made a several successful recipes, but today's soap was most likely a failure. I was trying out a recipe using coffee. I've read many of the current blog posts about substituting coffee for the water in the lye solution and thought I would give it a try...