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    Sun essential oils/“The Candle Store”

    Anyone use either of these suppliers? Thanks
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    Sun essential oils/“The Candle Store” FO

    Anyone have any experience with either of these suppliers? Thanks
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    Sun essential oils/ “The Candlemakers Store”

    Anyone have any experience with these two brands? The candlemakers store has lots of bizarre scents and they claim they’re safe for skin and cold process soap. Thanks
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    First lotion attempt

    Hi, I’m going to try taking the plunge into lotion making. I’m using brambleberry’s guide on formulating a recipe. So far I have 70% distilled water, 6% emulsifying wax, 5% stearic acid, 5% Shea butter, 5% cocoa butter, 6% sweet almond oil, 2% olive oil, and 1% preservative (germall 2). I’m...
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    Another shave soap attempt

    I think I know what I did wrong but thought I’d ask. My recipe is 60% stearic acid, 15% lard, 15% coconut oil, 5% castor oil, 5% Shea butter. I added silk fibers to the lye water and 10% glycerin after mixing. I used a 33% lye solution with a 5:1 water ratio. The mixture seized up pretty quick...
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    Pine tar/charcoal soap

    I’m going to attempt a pine tar/charcoal soap. I was thinking 10% pine tar with 2 tsp charcoal PPO. I’ve read the tar makes soft bars so I was thinking a 60% lard recipe with olive, coconut, and castor making up the rest. What do you think? Thanks!
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    Shaving soap/ lye calculator

    I have been trying to develop a shave soap recipe. I tried bentonite but have decided against that. I’ve come to the conclusion of a 60/40 dual lye soap after lots of research. I was thinking of 60% stearic acid, 15% coconut, 15% lard, 5% cocoa butter, and 5% castor oil. I tried running it...
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    100% olive oil soaps

    I was going to try making a 100% olive oil soap. I was thinking of giving it away for Christmas this year. I’ve read conflicting stuff that people either love it or hate it. I was thinking of lemongrass and lavender EO for the scent. With the long cure times is it worth scenting or just go...
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    Soap recipes

    Do most of you use the same recipes and then tweak them with colors or liquid portions like milk, juice, etc? I like this combination so far. I want to expand and try more “artsy” things. What do you do? Thanks
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    First attempt at making a honey soap. 1tsp/lb added to the oils after melted using a double boiler. Used a stick blender to incorporate and then combined lye and oils at 90F. All oils were purchased within a few weeks. The fragrance oil is brambleberry Palo Santo &Mahogany. Since it is a honey...
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    Water discounts with beer/milk

    I made a Guinness beer soap this last weekend and it’s got soda ash. I combined the oils and lye/beer at 85F. The beer was frozen. This was the recipe. Water discounts are supposed to help this? Can you discount 100% beer/milk recipes? Thanks.
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    Shaving soap attempt

    I tried using a brambleberry shave soap recipe that is palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil and adding a tablespoon of bentonite clay after trace. I’ve only made a few batches of soap and they turned out good. This batch I mixed to medium trace and then added the bentonite. It accelerated so fast I...
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    Lye question

    I’m new to this soap making. I was going to get into it years ago and bought supplies to do it but never did. I ordered lye from the soap barn I believe. It’s probably been at least 10 years ago. It’s been stored in its original package and in a tote in one of my outbuildings that’s dark and...