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    Hot process soap too hard

    This is the recipe I used. After soap came to trace I put the lid on the crock pot on low a nd checked in 10 minutes and soap was hard as a rock. Is it possible that when I was mixing to a trace that I mixed not too long?
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    Hot process soap too hard

    Thanks for your reply. the recipe was Bramble Berry’s Lemon Poppy Seed Hot Process Soap. The recipe called for their lots of lather Quick Mix which you melt/heat in microwave till clear. My lye was cooled to 124 F and the Lots Lather 110F could that have been my problem not having them at...
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    Hot process soap too hard

    I just tried making my first hot process soap. After bringing it to a firm trace I covered crockpot and cooked first ten minutes. When checking it soap was already way to hard already and had to throw out. What could I have done wrong