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  1. Chispa

    Ghost swirl came out backwards!

    I do love ghost swirls. I'm too cheap to buy colours, and the ghost swirl always looks nice. You have done a marvelous job!
  2. Chispa

    What to expect from various oils in ls

    At what % do you use Lanolin? At what point does it go wrong?
  3. Chispa

    It's Curing... What next? How do you store your soap?

    I stack mine like a Jenga tower until they are used up. On the front soap bar I write the date and name with a sharpie. I have some two year old soaps in there with no issues.
  4. Chispa

    Gentle bar hardener

    Thanks TDG. I ordered some sodium acetate from ebay early this week, and I'm looking forward to trying it out.
  5. Chispa

    Gentle bar hardener

    I find it starts getting good enough to use after six weeks. Especially if there is 2% salt in the recipe. The salt just helps them stay stiff as they are used up. My salt free bars are six months old, and they are reasonably hard until they are about half used up. At that point I just fold them...
  6. Chispa

    Please check my math (88% lactic acid solution to sodium lactate)

    Since I brew beer, I have a bottle of 88% lactic acid handy. I would like to add sodium lactate to my soap. Here is the calculation I performed to calculate the amount of 88% acid solution I would require to make a 2kg batch of soap. I based this on the example Topofmurrayhill showed here...
  7. Chispa

    Gentle bar hardener

    One of the reasons I love RBO is that it is available everywhere and it is dirt cheap. I knew that I could order fats and butters online, but for me that was a bridge too far. Thanks for telling me about Frymasta. It meets my soapmaking fat criteria.
  8. Chispa

    Gentle bar hardener

    Thanks Zany. Does anyone know if Sodium Lactate or Sodium Acetate sting in a cut or abrasion like table salt (Sodium Chloride) does?
  9. Chispa

    Gentle bar hardener

    Thanks! I have tried a number of different oil combinations. Palm oil is hard to obtain here in Perth, and the lard I can buy here seems to increase the chance of DOS. Additionally, I found that I prefer the lather from the simple bar, and I can share it with vegans. I'm hoping to keep the same...
  10. Chispa

    Gentle bar hardener

    Hello, I've made several batches of soap using a simple recipe that I'm happy with. It's 95% Ricebran oil, and 5% Castor. To this I add 0.5% EDTA and 0.05% BHT Previously I added 2% salt. And I got a lovely lathering bar that was hard in the shower until the whole bar wore away. Except my wife...
  11. Chispa

    Tea tree oil

    I've used it at 3% oil weight with good results. The TTO smell is very strong at first, then fades to almost nothing after 18 months or so.
  12. Chispa

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I cut up a 2kg batch that I'm going to need to throw away. Has big grey chunks in it that zap pretty hard. I don't think they are pure lye, just very lye-ey ash? I was trying for a ghost swirl, which I have done successfully in the past. For that I use a 1:1 lye water concentration(I went...
  13. Chispa

    Microdermabrasion crystals

    Aluminum oxide is also used in sandpaper, sand blasting media, and heat sink compound. It's pretty inert, I don't think you'd have trouble with lye. Make sure your get a fine enough grade of oxide, I wouldn't want sand paper soap
  14. Chispa

    Two single oil soaps with/without vinegar

    Good post Earlene! It is good to see someone else's opinion on RBO soap. I've made many soaps with a majority of RBO, since it is one of the cheapest oils in my grocery ($9 for 3L). Like you, I find that it performs best when messed with the least. Here is the conclusions I've arrived at for my...
  15. Chispa

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    So happy with my ghost swirl. It came out better than I had hoped. I didn't get to add fragrance since I only got about a minute of working time, but it is hand soap and I prefer that plain anyways
  16. Chispa

    Shave soap hiccup

    The Silver Fox recipe lathers like a dream. It feels truly amazing. I should not be so proud that I do not use a proven recipe before trying to reinvent the wheel. I've chucked out my previous shave soap attempts, as they are nowhere near the same level. Has anyone used the BB sensuous...
  17. Chispa

    Shave soap hiccup

    Good idea to preserve the longevity of your soap. At what rate do you add your BHT? I purchased some a long time ago, but haven't used it yet.
  18. Chispa

    Shave soap hiccup

    Thanks for the input guys. I tried the original recipe today, having obtained some shea butter at an absurdly high cost. Lucky the recipe only uses a little. The only change I made to the recipe was adding citric acid to help with my hard water, then additional KOH to balance out the CA. I...
  19. Chispa

    Shave soap hiccup

    Thanks DeeAnna for the breath of common sense. The only way I can imagine the lye being completely used up by the stearic is if the purity was not what it said on the new bottle, which is a low likelihood scenario (Or I mismeasured the lye). It is more likely that it took more time than I...
  20. Chispa

    Shave soap hiccup

    I made a shaving soap based loosely on the article found here. I subbed Avocado oil, since I didn't have Shea butter. I know avo makes a nice hard soap bar, and didn't think much of it. Recipe: Oil % Avocado Oil 10 Coconut Oil, 76 deg 15 Lanolin liquid Wax 5 Stearic...