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    Hi all, I was originally having real problems with voids appearing in my soy candles and I would have to repour and melt them a little. I have since found that that's because I was pouring too hot. I am now using Ecosoay CB advanced soy. I melt to about 140 - 160F Then add my F/O &...
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    Fragrance loading

    Hi all. I'm using SOY Golden Wax 464 with some universal additive and the recommended fragrance load is 8 - 11%. I want to get really really strong burning scent throw. What would happen if I loaded it to say 20 - 25% ? Look forward to your replies !
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    Void in Soy Candle

    Hi all, I made my first Soy candles today. I made 4 x 65 gram so they are little ones in bulb glassware. I'm using Golden Brands 464 with an additive. What I have found after 1 hour is that near the wick the candle has formed a void / hole that goes down into the candle. it looks...
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    Hi all, Hoping I can get some suggestions from you experienced soapers on what would be a good breakup of the following oils to get a really hard bar of soap with good conditioning and bubbliness. Oils I'd like to use are. Cocount Oil Palm Oil Olive Oil Sunflower Oil Castor Oil...
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    Another Ash on Soap question

    Hi all, I've been looking into heaps of posts with people that have experienced the white ash on their soaps. I'm starting to get this on my soaps and want to stop it. IT"S TERRIBLE I've read about adding bees wax salt sugar covering etc.... I pour my batch into a wooden log...
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    Oily Body Butter

    Hi people. Is there something else other than cornstarch that can be added to body butter to get rid of the oiliness?
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    goats milk question

    Hi all, Ive just tried my first goats milk soap but when I added the lye it turned a curry yellow colour. Does this mean I burnt it? Thanks
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    Goats Milk, Honey and oatmeal

    Hi all, I'm thinking of trying to make a CP soap with the following ingredients. Olive Oil Coconut Oil Palm Oil Goats Milk Honey Oatmeal bit's n pieces Can someone give me a suggestion as to % breakdown? What if any benifits are there in using Honey? I wan't a soap for dry...
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    Tea Tree Oil

    Hi All, I've read that Tea Tree Oil is a good antiseptic and I was wondering if any of you have used it in your soaps? Also what would be the difference between Tea Tree Essential Oil and 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. I've attached a pic of the Tea Tree that I have do you think I can use it in...
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    Light, Medium, Heavy Trace

    I've just started swirling my soaps and my first attempt saw me trying to mix a medium to heavy trace. Sort of worked but was in very concentrated patches. My second attempt was a Light trace and it worked well. My question is, if not swirling or anything and just pouring a log mould, what...
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    Hi, can someone tell me what Pure Dripping is? They have it at my local supermarket and it is pure white in colour. I went there to buy some lard but it was very soft, even with it in the refrigerator so I decided to buy the Dripping. Thanks
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    Can you remove from mould too early?

    What are the ramifications of removing my batch from the mould in say 12 hrs instead of 24? Does it matter as long as it does not stick to the mould? Opinions please.
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    Lemon Verbena in CP Soap

    I'm able to get my hands on some fresh Lemon Verbena plant leaves. Any Ideas on how to incorporate into a nice recipe? Do you have to dry the leaves then grind them up? Should i infuse water with them and then use that water to mix in with the lye (not sure if the heat will ruin it)...
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    vitamin e

    hi can someone tell me what the addition rate of vitamin e liquid would be to my cp soap. How would I include this in my soap calcs? Is it added at trace? Thanks
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    Body Butter Question

    Hi all, Can you use wax that has been extracted and filtered out of a Bee Hive in body butter or do you have to buy the one from soap making suppliers? Thanks
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    Drying question

    How and where do people dry their soap after cutting it up? I've got mine in the garage on wire racks from an old fridge, but I think the air is too moist and delays the drying process. What are your thoughts?
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    What do you think?

    Lemon Scented Avocado Soap. I made a batch with the following, and am looking for opinons. My batch had been sitting for 24hrs and was still a little soft, I managed to be able to cut it but I want to know if people think it will get harder or if I used too may soft oils. Alond Sweet Oil...
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    Candle Colour in CP Soap

    Hi All, I cannot find any stores in Victoria Australia that sell Soap making supplies so I'm having to do alot of my research on the internet. My question is, I found a really good Candle making website and they sell colourings but the details says "Highly concentrated dye blocks suitable for...
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    Need A Recipe for Psoriasis

    Hi all, a friend of mine has psoriasis and I want to make a soap that would be good for their skin. Does anyone have a recipe recommendation? Thanks heaps in advance. I might be in the wrong forum but not sure where would get more replies
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    I've read around on websites that you can use Copha as a substiture for coconut oil. I went to my supermarket and it says that it also contains lecithin. Does anyone know what this is? Does it affect the soap? Do you need to include this in your calculations? Oh I'm using CP method.