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    ARRRG! I'm looking for a shopping cart software that's free. One where the cart shows on my site instead of going to another site. Does this make sense?
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    My site...IS FINALLY DONE!

    I've had my site for over 2 years and I've never been happy with the way it looked. I think I finally got it right. What do y'all think?
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    Bitter Almond EO

    Anyone know where to get it cheap?
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    Getting POed

    This topic has been resolved...thanks.
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    My site

    I'm thinking my site needs a change. I get great online sales and I'm always changing something on my site but I still feel like I need something more. Any advice/feedback?
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    Hemp soap

    Does anyone have a picture of hemp soaps? I'm thinking about making some. Also, where do y'all get your hemp seed oil?
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    I had a show this past weekend. There was me and 1 other person selling soaps there. My soaps are natural, light and beneficial to your skin and hers were hot pink and bright blue and WAY over scented. She made M&P and told me she used just straight white base, no goats milk no beneficial...
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    Got a show this weekend... *Show pictures added*

    ...can you tell? LOL and this is only HALF of them!
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    Thinking about hosting a craft fair

    What do y'all think? I would have it in my town's National Guard Armory or outdoors in the park. I'm just now thinking about this so it would be a good year before I get everything straight and start advertizing for it.
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    Goat Milk

    Fresh or Powdered??? What do you use? Do you add it at trace or do you make lye/milk (instead of lye/water)?
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    Selling soap logs/loaves.

    I see a lot (on eBay and websites) where CP soap makers sell their soap in logs/loaves so people can cut it themselves. I don't understand this. If a gift shop owner buys a 2 pound loaf to sell it "by the slice", do you cure it for 4 weeks BEFORE sending it to the shop? If it's cured...
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    My site.

    I changed the look of my website. I changed the banner and the backgrounds. There are still a few pages that are empty but I think after having this site for over a year and getting really great sales from it, I finally have it looking the way I want it to. :D
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    An owner of a gift shop out of town is wanting me to send her samples. I only have 1 wholesale customer and they're 3 miles away so I've never sent samples before. What do I send? Do I send her whole bars in the packaging and everything? I have about 20 different soaps, do I send her like...
  14. S This is a video I spent hours on today. Enjoy! :D
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    I have made a soap cutter that cuts my 30" logs into 1" bars perfectly. The problem is that after just 3 logs my wires broke. I read online that I need medium-gauge guitar wire or 20 to 22-gauge music wire. I can't find these anywhere! Does anyone on here have a wire soap cutter? Do you...
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    How do y'all advertise your soaps? I have a website and I usually get at least one order a day. I just checked and I had 123 hits on my site today but I want MORE! Does anyone mail out fliers? How do y'all advertise?
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    For those of you who are full time soapers... much money did it take for y'all to get started with your business? I get a lot of people telling me that they want to start a soap business now that I have inspired them. What they don't know is that in order to buy the supplies I needed at first I had to get a loan for $1500!!! Then...
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    My first craft show!

    I had my first show this past weekend. In 2 days I brought in almost $900 in sales from the show and from my website. I just wanted to share the good news. I'm so excited. Now I can start paying off debts that I have from starting my business. LOL Here's my hubby at the booth:
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    My first attempt... hand dipped candles. They didn't turn out as primitive looking as I wanted. They actually just look like store bought. I made some more since then but I don't have a picture. I made an Apple Pie scented pair that I rolled in cinnamon...really grubby lookin.
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    Does anyone raise livestock???

    I have a lil chicken farm here in Youngsville, NC. I have 1 rooster and 23 hens, 5 different breeds. Here's some pictures of chickens and eggs: And here's me...the chicken farmer: