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  1. Chispa

    Please check my math (88% lactic acid solution to sodium lactate)

    Since I brew beer, I have a bottle of 88% lactic acid handy. I would like to add sodium lactate to my soap. Here is the calculation I performed to calculate the amount of 88% acid solution I would require to make a 2kg batch of soap. I based this on the example Topofmurrayhill showed here...
  2. Chispa

    Gentle bar hardener

    Hello, I've made several batches of soap using a simple recipe that I'm happy with. It's 95% Ricebran oil, and 5% Castor. To this I add 0.5% EDTA and 0.05% BHT Previously I added 2% salt. And I got a lovely lathering bar that was hard in the shower until the whole bar wore away. Except my wife...
  3. Chispa

    Shave soap hiccup

    I made a shaving soap based loosely on the article found here. I subbed Avocado oil, since I didn't have Shea butter. I know avo makes a nice hard soap bar, and didn't think much of it. Recipe: Oil % Avocado Oil 10 Coconut Oil, 76 deg 15 Lanolin liquid Wax 5 Stearic...
  4. Chispa

    Soap cracking after cure

    Hello, I have a hand soap that is cracking apart. It is three months old, and sees heavy use. ingredients: 55% Coconut oil 37% Lard 5% Castor oil 3% lanolin 3% tea tree EO as fragrance 2% sugar 2% salt 2% Citric acid + extra lye to offset 1% superfat What causes this kind...
  5. Chispa

    Masterbatching with additives

    Hello, Every time I make lye water, I use the same rate of additives and dissolve them in the water before adding the lye crystals. 100% Aloe juice for water 2% Salt 2% Sugar 2% Citric Acid Would I be able to masterbatch and store a lye solution containing the above ingredients...
  6. Chispa

    Cheater Soap

    Playing with the calculator on Soapee led me to the realization that some oils have way more benefits than others. The best of these are: Castor Coconut Stearic Acid Castor seems magical because it is listed as 100% "Bubbles" and 100% "Conditioning". No other oil is like it. The condition...
  7. Chispa

    Which of the two is better

    I bought two containers of oil at the supermarket today, mainly as a result of reading about the wonders of sunflower oil and RBO. I formulated a recipe for each. I am after nice feeling skin after the shower. Both soaps are a bit low lather, and a bit on the soft side. The CA, sugar, and salt...
  8. Chispa

    Trisodium Phosphate or sodium percarbonate in mechanics soap

    My hands get wrecked when cleaning them with acetone, and I was hoping to find a gentler way. When working in the shop I often get grease, oil, varnish, or oil paint embedded in my hands. After washing my hands a number of times, they get cracked and raw. I've read a few threads recommending...
  9. Chispa

    First colored soap

    This time I tried 95% lard, 5% castor oil. I added 2% each of salt, sugar, and citric acid. I colored the soap with a half teaspoon of tumeric and used a scant dusting of cocoa powder for the line. I want to see how this soap lathers compared to my first soap which included 15% coconut oil...
  10. Chispa

    First Soap

    I made the soap today, it went quite a bit more easily than I expected. I had a false start yesterday, so the oils were already weighed and mixed. I just had to zap them in the microwave for 30 seconds so they ran clear. I added 1% citric acid to my recipe to help with soap scum and to aid...
  11. Chispa

    First soap plan

    I originally planned on making soap about 14 years ago, but got into brewing beer instead. Now I'm back in it. I've browsed the first 150 pages of threads in the lye soap forum, and settled on a direction. I want to make a lard based soap. Lard seems to be the best bang for buck as far as...
  12. Chispa

    Lotion for stretch marks

    Hello, My wife is six months pregnant and getting a bunch of stretch marks. I've been applying some expensive face cream which is paired with a vial of rosehip oil. I know the rosehip stuff works well cause I bought it to treat some fairly ugly burns caused by hot oil on my arms and chest...