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    Titanium Dioxide in Clear M&P

    Hi guys, A bit of background.... I'm in the UK so am limited to using one type of base per Cosmetic Assessment that we need to legally sell soaps here. Therefore, I have chosen to use a clear base and add TD when needed so I can get the best options with designs. I purchased a premixed liquid...
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    Bath Bomb Help

    Hi guys, So iv decided to fill my lockdown time with researching and learning some new projects one being bath bombs(around my new job as my children's teacher that is lol) ..... I expected bath bombs to be finicky but iv made a few batches and was hoping for some advice. Please could you take...
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    Pouring Temperature.

    Hi all soapmakers, hope you are all keeping well and safe ❤️ I have a question about pouring temperature for M&P. Posted a couple of questions recently but am new to soaping. I have been playing/learning and all I have read or seen on tutorials states that the temperature of the soap should...
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    Mold Capacity

    Hi all, Im new to soaping and working with melt and pour. Can anyone please tell me how I work out how much soap I need to fill a mold. I dont mind having a little extra/under but dont want to under fill by a large amount or end up with a ridiculous amount spare. Im shocking at mathematics so...
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    Hi I am brand new to soap making, I am currently using melt and pour and have tried a shea butter and vanilla soap but I can barely smell the vanilla. I only used 1 teaspoon of raw shea butter (so that is not overpowering it) and ended up putting 5ml of vanilla fragrance oil in. What is the best...