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    ashy and crumbly embeds

    hi soapers! so i bought some silicone tubes for embeds, my first try was a success, it hardens nicely and evenly colored (yay!) then i tried to make more and the other 3 batches turned out super ugly. the embeds from tubes has this ashy white layer on the outside, completely washed out the...
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    old lye on soaps (?)

    hi, soapers! so i made 2 batches of soaps yesterday, everything is the same on both batches, the only difference is i used old lye on 1 batch and new lye on the other. i just cut both batches, the one with old lye is still soft and look a bit grey-ish on area where it supposed to be white (i...
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    spots on soaps

    hi soap gurus! i'm new in soap making world and i'm looking forward for advises to improve my soap making skill. i use basic recipe of: 40% olive oli (light) - 196gr 30% palm oil - 147gr 30% coconut oil -147gr 30% lye concentration :165 gr water and 70gr lye diluted TD: 3gr fragrance: 6gr...
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    hi all!

    hi all, i'm new to soap making and stumbled into this forum when i was googling my soap troubleshoots, been a silent reader ever since and finally i have enough courage to sign up. looking forward to learn more about soap making from awesome gurus here!