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    I need the SMF's members wise eyes please

    Hello everyone, In the eternal words of Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, I'm just a girl, standing in front of a whole forum of experts, asking them to critique her recipe. Yes she did say that, you know yourselves. As I'm both palm-free and vegan, this limits the possibilities to increase...
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    Suppliers in the Europe

    I found a few titbits here and there regarding suppliers in Europe for us soap makers on the other side of the pond, but since a few of those recs are from a while ago I thought it might be useful to open up a new thread. Here are are few suppliers that I found and have used on my end (including...
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    Hello !

    Hello everyone, from long time soap makers to newbies! Long time lurker but new poster here. I'm a newbie soap maker (started just about a year ago) who spent the past couple of months experimenting with various things and simply just finding my feet! I'm French and based in the lovely...