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  1. soapingfool

    When after Steaming to Shrinkwrap?

    Hi! I’m sending my first wrapped soap gift off tomorrow. I’ve never steamed before, but I just tried it and my soaps do look pretty good afterwards! Question though: How soon after steaming can I shrinkwrap my soap? I’m assuming I need to let it dry from the steaming first, so this may be a “no...
  2. soapingfool

    Is there a solution to this besides rebatching?

    Hello! I ran out of grapeseed oil after I'd already weighed my other oils (lesson learned!), so I recalculated using a tiny bit of rice bran oil. I've tested my recipe that doesn't use RBO, but not this one, as I didn't think it would make much of a difference with the RBO being so low. Welp, it...
  3. soapingfool


    Hi all! I'm new to this group but not new to soaping. When I have questions and Google for an answer, this forum's threads often answer them for me via Google. So grateful for the generous hearts of soapers!