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    Zero SF - max coconut oil?

    I've searched and can't find an answer to this. For those who are using zero SF, how much coconut oil are you using? I know I've seen ZNSC at 10% and have made that myself, and it's lovely. If I use say lard and OO or RBO and a smidge of castor, is 15% coconut oil too much for zero SF? I...
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    What style wooden mold do you like the best?

    I bought a couple NS slab mold liners. What is everyone's favorite wooden mold style for them? Trying to decide on what the man should make - hinged, slab, etc. TIA (I have to say, I'm really impressed with the thickness of the liners. I already have a couple batches of ZNSC in them. I...
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    Nurture Soap 25-cube mold

    Has anyone used the 25-cube mold from NS? Debating getting it for salt soaps and other soaps that I want to individually pour. Hope
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    My first soap on a stick

    I thought I was prepared for rose FO acceleration but I couldn't help myself and gave a wee little whir of my stick blender just to be sure the FO was mixed. Oops! :-) Now I understand what soap on a stick looks like. I'm thinking about chopping it up and using as pink confetti. I dont have...
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    Using lard in a solesief (brine) soap

    I've been reading through the brine threads but I couldn't find anyone mentioning lard. Does anyone here use lard in a brine soap and how did you like it? I did see that someone mentioned it doesn't appear to work well in salt bars but brine is different. I have only made a couple of these -...
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    Butter Soap

    I finally got around to trying butters in soaps. (I've been doing mostly lard and castille though I've made other types, just hadn't ventured into butters yet and wanted to expand my borizons). A week in I already really like my triple butter with aloe juice and yoghurt powder. I poured my...