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  1. Cindy B

    New Soaps...

    I haven't posted in awhile. Here are some new soaps I've made recently. Thin Blue Line I will be donating to my guys in blue.
  2. Cindy B

    Stick blenders...

    Which stick blender do you prefer? I have a hamilton beach from Walmart, and it's fine, but I don't think its going to hold up.
  3. Cindy B

    A few new soaps I’m fairly proud of

    The mustache one was made last night with Beau Brummell fragrance from brambleberry. It soaped nicely. The other one that soaped amazingly well was huckleberry from nature’s garden. The layers came out exactly as I was hoping for.
  4. Cindy B

    Finally got to do my watermelon soap...

    Pink Watermelon by Natures Garden with a mix of Magenta and Raspberry Mica for pink and Kelly Green and Apple Moss Green Mica from Brambleberry. And, of course poppy and cranberry seeds. I am super happy with how it turned out... lets hope the colors hold.
  5. Cindy B

    Flavored oil vs. Fragrance Oil

    I accidentally purchased a flavored oil instead of fragrance oil. Can I still use it in CP soap? Brambleberry site does not recommend, however, I'd still like to try it if possible.
  6. Cindy B

    Bulk Olive Oil

    Where do you get it? I don't want a huge amount, but at least 35 gal. Also, do you use Pure of Pomace? just curious what you prefer. Thanks
  7. Cindy B

    Some of my favorites so far...

    The high top is fragranced with Champagne and pomegranate The Orange one has calendula mixed in, fragranced with multiple citrus essential oils, so a more natural soap The round ones are fragranced with sweet pea, one of my absolute favorite scents. Just curious, do all of you stick with...
  8. Cindy B

    Cupcake at Tiffany’s Nature’s Fragrance, not happy

    So, I’ve actually tried this fragrance twice. The first time I was very inexperienced with vanillin so, that soap turned an ugly brown. And the fragrance wasn’t coming through. I just tried it again, using the vanilla stabilizer and titanium dioxide, still with significant discoloration. I...
  9. Cindy B

    This one was so fun to make

    I used Natures Garden Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate Fudge fragrance oils for this one. I did not combine them, but rather used them for the separate colors, which turned out amazingly. The smell is crazy good. I do have to wait to cut it as it is still fairly soft yet after 24 hours. And...
  10. Cindy B

    Shea butter

    Where does everyone get their Shea butter? I’m thinking of getting some in bulk, like 50 lbs. bulk apothecary seems to always be sold out of everything. I’ve ordered small amounts from wsp and brambleberry as well. Just looking for more discounted rates. Thanks
  11. Cindy B

    So, I'm definitely addicted. Here are some on the new one's I've made just this week.

    Cupcake bath bombs Lavender and apricot sliced Orange Soda Pop sliced and Sandalwood massaging and sliced.
  12. Cindy B

    CP Soaping - Definitely a learning curve to fragrances & discoloring

    I made another CP soap and it really smells great, but I didn't like how dark it looks. So, in my research I found that the fragrance I used has a high dis-colorant factor, which I should have read prior to making. So, in my very limited knowledge, I'm just putting this out there for those...
  13. Cindy B


    I'm considering getting a multi bar cutter. Any suggestions on where? I've googled and there are too many to choose from. I'd rather get a tried and true one if at all possible. Looking for a heavy metal one instead of wood, but will consider all. Thanks
  14. Cindy B

    Thanks for having me

    I’m new to soaping but am enjoying it so far. I am married with 3 grown kids and 4 beautiful granddaughters. I work full time as a 911 dispatcher so I’m always in need of relaxing things to do.
  15. Cindy B

    My 1st CP “natural” soap

    This is my first cold process soap, half made with turmeric and the other half matcha. On top I sprinkled chamomile. It is just naturally scented made with Oo, coconut oil, Shea butter and sweet almond. It’s kinda ugly but it smells great and soaps nicely.
  16. Cindy B

    Soap Frosting

    Hi Everyone! I'm very new to soaping and am now obsessed. So far I've just made cp natural soaps. Today I did a quick goat milk M&P cupcake with black raspberry and vanilla fragrance and now am looking for recipes for soap frosting that don't contain sugar, meringue powder or slsa. Any ideas?