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  1. pattime


    And it's still prettier than anything I'VE done to date :) I'd be happy with that swirl. Songwind I learned from that that peppermint (at least EO peppermint) is STRONG and a little goes a loooong way. That's a good thing, but it's going to take some trial and error to figure out ratios. Good...
  2. pattime

    First linear swirl!!!

  3. pattime


    I got it as a sample from BB, and no, I didn't care for it. Had a plastic-y smell ....chocolate is a hard one.
  4. pattime


    That soap is beautiful!! Just an FYI, I made a peppermint mocha soap by making two separate batches...scented one with peppermint, the other I used bakers chocolate AND scented with dark chocolate fo. The peppermint is so strong that it's the only thing my nose picks up, so I'm thinking unless...
  5. pattime

    My first CP soap, my first soap

    Congratulations! I've learned so much from every batch I've made (not so many yet, but way more to come!), and I love that about soapmaking. I started using the room temp method just because it's easier for me. I can't stand for long periods so I get all my stuff lined up first, then measure...
  6. pattime

    Wow, tried this Euro salt recipe, love it!

    Very nice!! I've got my first ever salt bars curing right now...been about 3 weeks (it's sooooo hard to wait!) and I can''t wait to try them. I've never tried a salt bar, or even HEARD of them until I started reading this forum. Will definitely have to try this method next ;) As a noob I...
  7. pattime

    Who has the best Egyptian Musk?

    I'm a big musk fan and recently purchased from Oregon Trails....its spot on! Haven't soaped with it yet, but the fragrance itself is sure to please.
  8. pattime

    Untold tips on making EO fragrances stick?

    As for Zum, we ADORE their frank & myrrh bar, and from the website the ingredients are listed as: "Saponified 100% food grade olive, coconut, palm & castor oils, in a goat's milk base, with herbs, pure essential oils, fragrance oil and aloe. Enjoy!" so there ya go ;)
  9. pattime

    Natural fragrance oils

    WSP has essential oils as well, and they're MUCH cheaper than buying them in the stores or online at places like Amazon. I've purchased several and have been quite happy with the quality. As for 'losing the therapeutic quality) in soap, I can't attest to that, but you do need to be aware of the...
  10. pattime

    EOs for shampoo bar?

    tersh79, I get my coconut milk powder from WSP....good price and the stuff is great, I love it. If you want herbs for hair growth, nettle leaf is the way to go. For dark hair rosemary (sage is also supposed to be good). Marshmallow root for detangling. There are tons of websites with that sort...
  11. pattime

    EOs for shampoo bar?

    Me too Obsidian. I LOVE the bar (I subbed sunflower for the soy) but it doesn't work for me as a shampoo bar. We have really hard water, and even with a shower filter it just leaves me with that waxy feeling, even after being poo free for months (not transitional waxiness). I kinda thought no...
  12. pattime

    EOs for shampoo bar?

    I made this bar and used coconut milk powder (reconstituted in the water) which added a lovely slip, and infused the olive oil with rosemary which added a lovely delicate scent to the bar (be aware that it will also add some green color). I also added an egg yolk (must be tempered!) and a bit of...
  13. pattime

    Beef Tallow

    I get mine at Soaper's choice as well. $11.55 for a 7# bottle. I got the smaller amount because I don't have a freezer but I've used so much of it for cooking I really wish I'd gotten the larger size...maybe split it with someone. Good stuff, and already rendered/clean.
  14. pattime

    Sandalwood FO

    Huh. I followed a link from fragrance oil finder (it seems to be down for me at the moment) that said it was, but obviously with different flashpoint values that must be an error. My mistake. Color me disappointed :( Guess I have one more sandalwood fo to purchase ;)
  15. pattime

    Sandalwood FO
  16. pattime

    Sandalwood FO

    Just an update for those that may be interested (my quest for the perfect sandalwood FO). I've purchased so far: Sexy Sandalwood/WSP - a nice scent, but as the description implies it's 'sexy'. More an incense type fragrance. Tradewinds Hawaiian Sandalwood/OregonTrails - real nice but...
  17. pattime

    FO mixin WOOT WOOT

    I do the same, but use cotton swabs (cut them in half) and sandwich really well!
  18. pattime

    Sandalwood FO

    I'm a big time sandalwood lover and have been on my own search for a good sandalwood. I've done a LOT of reading and I've seen a lot of folks recommend Tradewinds Hawaiian Sandalwood. I finally found it at Oregon Trails Soaper's Supply and purchased some (along with lots of other scents). I only...
  19. pattime

    Sandalwood FO

    Now that's something that I would do! lol! Great excuse to place another order ;)
  20. pattime

    [newbie] I finally made decent soap !

    Congratulations, looks great! :)