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  1. elmtree

    Is this weird?

    So I'm checking out who is going to be at my next big show and this soap company claims that their goat milk soaps aren't oil based which makes them better for the environment and better for you yada yada... What does this mean? Is this more soap propaganda??
  2. elmtree

    First 3 day show help!!

    Ok so I'm going to be doing my first show at a very large venue. It was 450$ for the space. They provide the 'pipe and drape' which maybe someone can explain to me if this is good and what exactly it means. I have looked it up and I guess that's a space divider? Can I hang stuff off if this like...
  3. elmtree

    Jedwards shea

    I'm looking to buy a very large quantity of organic shea from jedwards or and was wondering if anyone buys it from them and do you like it. Thanks!!
  4. elmtree

    Helping people

    So I'm starting to get super busy at my farmers market. Several times I had a line of people who wanted to ask questions or make purchases. I'm finding it difficult to handle everyone and I'm losing customers who can't or do t want to wait. I'm by myself usually so other than having someone...
  5. elmtree

    Jedwards patchouli

    Has anyone used the jedwards patchouli light eo? They are local to me and I need some patchouli eo and it's a great price. I usually get the dark patchouli from NDA.
  6. elmtree

    First time at ' L$&&'...

    Wow so I'm now totally grossed out by L$&@ products. I smelled the 'honey I washed...' soap I've heard so much about and couldn't smell a thing! Everything was out in the open for people to handle, definitely look better in photos than in person. Creams were open for people to stick their hands...
  7. elmtree

    Tattoo sunscreen

    Hey everyone. I'm heavily tattooed and use about a gallon of sunscreen a month in the summer months lol. I am looking for SPF info and information on the amounts of zinc oxide and TD to use for a more natural sunscreen for myself. I do make and sell my own B and B products but I would never sell...
  8. elmtree

    Labeling woes

    So out of 12 markets I've done ( I know, not a lot yet), I haven't seen one vendor label their products in the way everyone here is always saying it should be done. I realize that soap technically doesn't even have to be labeled with ingredients, but when it IS labeled, shouldn't it be done...
  9. elmtree

    Body and room spray preservative

    What do you guys use for body and room spray preservatives? I stay away from parabens and formaldehyde releasers. Also, I'm going to use CME as my emulsifier because I get a clear product. Anyone have experience with that? I've tried poly 20 and I just get cloudiness. I want a clear end product...
  10. elmtree

    Essential Depot Lavender EO

    I bought 1 kilo of essential depots' lavender (lavender officianalis) EO and I don't care for it. I paid 115$ several months ago. I've used a couple of ounces, maybe 4 total. I would like to get 75$ obo. I just need enough to buy a pound of the lavender EO I do like lol. We could do paypal it...
  11. elmtree

    Transporting product

    I'm finding with travel and packing and unpacking that my labels get messed up and I have to relabel them. One of my most important eye catchers is my branding and labels which people love. I want to keep them looking nice. What do you guys use to keep your products looking good for unpacking...
  12. elmtree

    Should I do a 'carnival' type fair?

    Ok so there is a four day event close to me. It is a carnival and parade and celebration of the town they do every year. This is my booth set up I'm still fiddling with the set up because I'm still pretty new. Has anyone ever done this type of event and is selling bath and body products...
  13. elmtree

    Frustration with tattoo products

    Please, I'm so not trying to offend anyone at all, however I have a pet peeve with so called 'tattoo soap and products'. Being an heavily tattooed woman, I'm approached a lot by people making these kinds of products wanting my opinion or wanting to give me products to review. I'll be frank, it...
  14. elmtree

    Funny requests

    Ok so I got an order for a soap last night and they requested a platypus or a bear be carved in it or some kind if picture of one of these be added to the order. This sounds interesting to me and I don't mind trying to oblige. But how the heck do I do this?
  15. elmtree

    Wrapping M&P

    Hey guys. I'm kinda new to M&P. been making other B&B products for awhile but I just love how I can make whatever scent I like an use it right away. I was thinking Of packaging some up to sell along side my lotions and stuff at my farmers market. I would like to offer a cello bag with three...
  16. elmtree

    Bath salts question

    I'm fairly new to bath salts and I was wondering... if my salts are a bit clumpy, have I used too much essential oils? Ok not exactly clumpy but not quite as wet as wet sand. I like lots of fragrance. How much do u guys use? Like in 18oz?
  17. elmtree

    Wicked Disappointed

    I have a few questions. First, I don't often use palm oil but when I do, this happens , little dots in my soap. Really irritating. Secondly, I have a vanilla fig that I did in soap calc and somehow the properties from a previous soap got transposed onto this soap. It's actual cleansing is 38! I...
  18. elmtree

    Liquid colorants

    I bought lab colors awhile back and I just got in some liquid lakes from tkb. How do I use these? I've never used liquid colorant before, only powders. I keep buying them but don't know how to use them! Lol on a side note I'm so excited about a colorant order I just got from tkb. Yay!
  19. elmtree

    Natures garden

    Anyone use natures garden fo's on the natures garden website? How come they are cheaper than most other places? Makes me nervous to order fo from them.
  20. elmtree

    Red struggle

    So I was asking some questions on how to make an awesome red and I'm glad I did cause I almost used beetroot which would have gone brown! I used a combo of colors to get a kind of dark cherry red. It was a double batch one loaf honey/almond and one loaf cherry/almond. I'm in love with both...