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    Soaping with Absolutes

    Does anyone use absolutes in CP? I'd really like to experiment with them- particularly cocoa, vanilla, geranium, rose, etc. How much would one add per lb of soap? I really want to try it but I'm terrified of wasting such expensive material! Any advice?
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    Anyone ever used amber resin in cp?

    I reeeeeaaaaally want to make an amber soap- I've looked at FOs, but am not sure I want to get small sample bottles of it only to get burned- I want REAL amber. I've been trying to source amber resin instead, and am having a hard time finding anything reasonably priced. I found this youtube...
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    I love this blend!

    Sage and Lemongrass, Lavender, Lemon, 5x Orange, Petitgrain and a tiny bit of Cedar EO. Soaped it tonight and having a hard time sleeping....I keep getting up to sniff the soap! :lol:
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    Peony FO

    I'm really curious now-anyone ever soap peony? I see WSP and NG both carry it. Any experience with these FO's, or other suppliers?
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    Thinking about selling

    Okay, I'm wavering on whether to sell or not; it's come up in various ways in the last few days, including one friend who just opened a business at a co-op retail store where she thinks my soap could sell very well, another friend, who out of blue told me he and his wife love my soap and would...
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    What happened to my co-op post?

    I know by posting it in CP forum I'm technically putting it in the wrong spot...but that was part of my point. In three years I've never noticed the co-op forum and I wanted to see if that was true of anyone else, and whether I could drum up interest in one. Scratching my head, because now I...
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    Oops! Salt bars with 1:1 CO to OO-what should I do?

    And what should I expect? It's just a small 1lb test batch that I ran on Jasmine FO from Peak, but it smells amazing and I really want to salvage it! It was poured 5 hours ago and it's still sticky and not really setting up. 20% superfat. I always have wondered why CO is the preferred oil-is...
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    Soaping season!

    I have found that my soaping, from the beginning, is cyclical. I make TONS of soap in the fall, and I may dabble with my left-over supplies the rest of the year, but I don't tend to order more EO/FO. But it also means that I tend to make soap that follows the season-orange spice, mocha...
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    My Peak order-share your FO experiences on my picks?

    I've never ordered from them until now-I always seemed to miss the sample packs! Here's my list: Chanel #5 Eucalyptus leaf Ginger Peach Honeysuckle Jasmine Lilac Nag Champa Sage & Lemongrass White Lily & Amber Wild Mountain Honey I know a lot of people here love WMH; I ordered that...
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    I did a salt soap yesterday, with a good bit of some very high quality essential oils, plus I added a bit of rose clay and a good bit of finely grated soap for color contrast. The problem is that it's an gooey mess today- because I used an oil formula not suited for salt soap (It's only my 2nd...
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    Peppermint mocha Soap!

    I have a super nasty stomach bug right now, but I had to get up and cut this soap!! In the mold: By mousehouse at 2011-11-27 Cut into large logs, to be cut down to bars later: By mousehouse at 2011-11-27 By mousehouse at 2011-11-27 It's a peppermint mocha soap; the...
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    Oh, dare I ask?

    One thing I noticed, reading through my husband's photo thread for his glass art, is that the adtists that respond are generous with CONSTRUCTIVE criticism...."That piece is a little janky, but you pushed yourself out of the box and did something new...keep trying, you'll get it!" Or, if they...
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    Personal photo thread

    What do you all think about having a single thread to post one's work? My husband is a glass artist and belongs to a forum for his craft. Last night he showed me his photo thread, which shows a progression of work over the two years he's been a member there. It was really neat to see how his...
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    Soaping temp for swirls/complex techniques

    Okay, so I've gotten a couple batches out that I was real happy with the swirls, and others that trace came too fast and my ideas had to go out the window. Lately I've been soaping pretty hot and being lazier about my temps-heating base oils (OO/CO) just enough to melt the coconut, mixing the...
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    Whose work inspires you the most?

    I just sent an email to a soapmaker here in WA state in praise of her soap. I bought some of her stuff at a fair almost a year ago, and still have a couple bars left. Used some carrot soap this morning that is ammmaaaazing, and as time goes on, I am super impressed by the scent staying power...
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    I love love love petitgrain, and am really beginning to appreciate it in blends...I did an orange petitgrain a few weeks back that is curing to a really nice smell, I mentioned on another thread that I grated the scraps and some patchouli and got a great soap from it, and a couple of days ago I...
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    I want RED! Bright, shocking, blood red!

    I cry uncle! What's the best colorant for this in CP?
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    Almond & Goat's Milk

    I don't normally do goat's milk, but something about the Almond FO made me think it would go well together. This was done with pomace olive oil, organic coconut oil, and cocoa butter. I reserved about a lb of the base recipe and left it unscented, as I knew the FO would discolor; didn't get...
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    I have this wonderful lotion that I love, a chamomile lotion that, just my luck, has been discontinued. I have a very small bottle of chamomile EO that I use when I bathe, just a drop or two when I need it. So tonight I decided to make a lotion out of what I have left- I used chamomile, a little...