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  1. kitkat_pro

    And I had been having such luck with FO's

    Ok so I had my first FO cease a few nights ago, but I did manage to get it in the mold. However the oxides and ultramarines didn't fully mix and I have spots, and now it is as hard as a rock and I can not get it out of the pipe mold. Should I just hit it with a hammer and try and get it out...
  2. kitkat_pro

    Tooth Soap

    Ok I'm sorry but I just had to share this :lol: . website here: Ingredients: Specially formulated soap made from saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut and palm oil, distilled water and pure essential oil...
  3. kitkat_pro

    Lip Plumper?

    Ok so I was at my mom's over the weekend and I was chatting with her neighbour about the products I make and she asked me if I could make her a lip plumper. I told her I would look into it but I couldn't promis any thing. I have found two common recipes on line, one you add Ground Ginger...
  4. kitkat_pro

    Does any one have any more information on this?

    I found some information on the dish forum about The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild in the U.S. having been approved to insure people in BC which may lead to the rest of Canada being able to be insured by them. I found the information here: ... pic=113852...
  5. kitkat_pro

    Monkey Farts - WTH

    Ok so I got my order of 1oz scents from NG today and is it just me or does monkey farts smell like child flavoured banana antibiotics? :shock: Everyone raves about this scent, but I truly wanted to gag, all I could think of after was my mom standing infront of me and telling me to take my...
  6. kitkat_pro

    feeling down

    Well it's way past my bed time again and I can't sleep, aside from working late drafting. I know the reason I can't sleep is because I feel terible that I have to buy glasses for my 3 year old little girl tomarrow. I know it's silly and compleatly irrational to think that it's my faul, but I do...
  7. kitkat_pro

    I made my first sale

    I made $10 tonight I'm so happy. My best friend came ove and I was showing her all my stuff that I was getting ready to sell. And she loved them so much that I was going to give her some testers for free, since she is my best friend. But she gave me $10 for two tester bars of soap a tester...
  8. kitkat_pro

    OMG this is great, lol.

    I was surfing for info on soaping and found this link on Crafster in thier soap section. It's great! I think I might print it and have it on hand once I start selling my stuff. Hand it out to all those pleople who's eyes glaze over when you try to explain it to them, such as :lol...
  9. kitkat_pro

    Something odd happened two weeks ago

    Ok so most of the time I'm a lurk on here, but I had something odd happen and figured I'd see if any one knows what happened. OK so I have been rtcp soaping again for a year now and this was my first Goats milk, Honey, Oat soap. I have just been too nervious to waste any matterials since I am...
  10. kitkat_pro

    First batch in 9 years!

    I'm so happy my batch turned out wonderful. I only made a 1lb batch because I didn't want to wast too much if it flopped, but it turned out great. Presenting 'WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA' I used coffee grinds to darken the base and give a slight coffee smell and cocoa powder to the...
  11. kitkat_pro

    The Search for Lye

    After going to 20 different stores and asking if they had any lye, or if they know where to find any. I got so may odd looks and blank faces it was driving me nuts :? , but after hours of looking I finaly found the only place in town that has it. For all you Canucks out there having the same...
  12. kitkat_pro

    Buisness name

    I was wondering what people thought of 'Angel's Helping Hands' for a buisness name. I've been set on it for years but now I don't know, I wouls like to have Angel in the name but am unsure if I should go with it or try something else. Any ideas or coments would be great. Thanks, Angel
  13. kitkat_pro

    Nice to meet you all!

    Feeling like a newbe here reading all the neat posts. I made my first candle when I was 6 and my first bar of soap when I was 8. I came from a very crafty family, but I haven't made candles or soap in years. I am curently doing all the mass research to start my own buisness. I am looking into...