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    Failed but happy with Attempt!!!

    OK, just another crisco soap but I was trying to soap pot swirl with pink and blue. Well, when I added the oatmeal and fragrance to the soap pot by the time I added the blue it sat on top like concrete! LOL. SO, I just mixed them both in. It came out really pretty though, just not what I...
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    Eucalyptus Chamomile

    I made this yesterday. It's just crisco soap but I wanted something fast! LOL. It came out OK but still too much green for me. I wanted more swirl. I'll make more tomorrow!
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    Soap Pot Marbling

    OK, I took several peoples advice and this looks like it will turn out great. The hardest part is the waiting isn't it! LOL. I added calendula petals and a couple buds just to make it look interesting. I added grapefruit scent and to the marble red and white mica! I can't wait to cut it!!!
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    First Chunking Try

    I made a batch last week which was very oily. I decided I would try to chunk some of it. Here is a picture... it looks great now but doesn't seem to be generating much heat. I'll have to let you know how it goes! BTW... I have checked out the soap calc and one of the recipes I made up...
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    Tripling a recipe???

    I have a 3 lb mold and I don't have any recipes except for a can of crisco type. Can I triple a good 1 lb recipe? I don't know how to use a lye calc or make up my own recipes yet. Or does anybody have any 3 lb recipes they would share with me? I want to make another batch but I want to use...
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    Eucalyptus & Oatmeal Soap

    I made this yesterday. Turned out pretty good I think.
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    Soap of the Day

    Well, I haven't made a soap since last weekend so I just got done with a batch. I used this recipe: Shea Loves Me © Rainbow Meadows, Inc. 4.8 oz. Olive oil 3.2 oz. Shea butter (or mango butter) 4.8 oz. Coconut oil 3.2 oz. Palm oil 6 oz water 2.2 oz. Lye .7 oz. Essential oil...
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    My two batches that turned out.

    The plain brown one isn't the prettiest but they sure smell good! The swirl I didn't grease the mold so had to freeze it for a few minutes. Lesson learned! It came out pretty though! [/img]
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    My First (Mess)

    This was my first batch I made yesterday! What a mess! When I went to take pictures I noticed my swirl soap may have all turned brown. I'll have to wait and see. If at first you don't succeed......
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    Final Batch for the Day!

    OK I made another batch. This time in a 24 oz mold and I divided the soap mixture into two measuring cups and added 1/2 oz of the chocolate truffle and a little white mica to one half of the batch. I alternated pouring it into the mold and then swirled a little with two wooden skewers! It...
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    Second Batch

    OK. I made my second batch and I think it's going to work. This one is: 6 oz water 2.25 oz lye 10 oz olive oil 6 oz coconut oil 1 T. castor oil. I brought that to a really good trace and then added 1 oz Chocolate Truffle Oil and a little cocoa powder. Smells great and looks nice...
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    My first batch

    Well, I checked my soap this AM and there was quite a bit of oil on top and the soap itself feels pretty soft. The book said to leave it wrapped for two days. Should I bother or should I just get it ready for disposal. Pretty discouraging but I bought all of the oils so I'll keep going till I...
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    Don't think it traced

    Well I made a 1 lb batch and I don't think it ever traced. It got thicker but I never did see that line on top. I hand stirred for at least 15 minutes then used the SB for at least 3 or 4. I finally just poured it in the mold and I guess we will see in a couple of days. All the other...
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    First Batch

    OK. I want to tackle my first batch today. I'm sure that when I get it done I will feel more comfortable. How long does it usually take for both concotions to cool to around 100 degrees? Or in other words, how long after I add the lye to the water should I start melting the oils. Also, I...
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    New Hobby!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Julie. I live in St. Petersburg, FL. I am new to this and am slowly collecting the things I will need. Just this AM I ordered coconut and palm oil, cocoa and shea butter and a couple fragrances. I'm lucky I found Florida Suncoast Soapworks online and the...