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  1. Lonardlis

    Zap Test

    Contributing to science 🤣 best answer ever. Anyway, i need some enlightment too.. I am also not sure how the zap feels like. I tried to do zap test on my liquid soap and experience the same thing it doesnt burn or anything but after a few seconds i can feel tingle and mild burning sensation on...
  2. Lonardlis

    My Candle Recipe (With instructions)

    Thankyou so much for sharing. I wasnt able to make smooth surface for my soy candle . I think maybe because i didnt heat up the jar.
  3. Lonardlis

    Curing in plastic container

    Thank you so muchh.. this forum sure helps me alot. Sending virtual hugs and love from Indonesia (:
  4. Lonardlis

    Curing in plastic container

    Thank you so much for the reply and Sorry for the delayed response. Here are the container i was talking about. The small one is 50 gr and the big one is 100gr. @gemstone it was part of my branding. The container, the label will be dark, earth tone. It is easier to hold it with the container...
  5. Lonardlis

    Curing in plastic container

    Hi, i'm liz and i am new in soap making. I have a makeup brush cleaner business and I found that soap bar is very effective in cleaning makeup brushes and sponges so i want to make my brush cleaner out of cold process soap. The problem is i need to cure them in a plastic tube. The top layer is...