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    Can this soap be saved?

    I made soap last night for the first time in awhile and completely forgot one of my main oils but didn't realize it until after the soap was poured and hardening. The recipe was supposed to have a 5% superfat, but I ran the recipe through soapcalc and it has about .8 oz more lye than 0% superfat...
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    Horchata soap

    I am trying to design a great authentic looking and smelling horchata soap (a whitish, milk based South American drink with almonds, vanilla, and cinnamon) but the fragrance combo I put together of vanilla and almond fragrance oils with cassis essential oil is sure to turn the soap brown, and I...
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    Berry powder in homemade glycerine soap

    I made some glycerine soap from scratch using ethanol (rum), glycerin, castor oil, coconut, and olive and I want to color it with powdered lingonberries (red). Will the berry powder likely turn brown as it would in CP soap, or does the different process/formulation of glycerin soap eliminate...
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    Shiny finish?

    I want to make cheesecake cupcake soaps with a shiny transparent red "berry glaze" on top. How would I achieve the shiny glaze part with soap?
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    Lingonberry conundrum

    I have been making soap for about 4 years and this year started selling it locally at farmer's markets and to friends and family. We have a local store that specializes in Swedish goods and I came up with an idea to make a lingonberry soap for the store to sell. I approached the owner, who loved...
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    Indigo Powder turns soap brown instead of blue

    Hello, I recently became interested in using indigo to color my CP soap blue and, not fully knowing what I was doing, ordered a 1lb package of indigo powder off of Amazon. When I first dissolved it in the water before the lye it looked like a beautiful peacock blue color, but once I added the...