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  1. Mistrael

    Glycerin rivers?

    I've been incredibly fortunate with my soaping - I've only had a couple batches go sideways and never so badly that they can't be used. (Friends & family only, selling is still a dream.) This batch has plagued my mind for about a year because it went missing during our move last winter. It was...
  2. Mistrael

    ~3 month old salt bar

    Love my salt bars! I've decided they're perfect for household hand soap, especially with kids in the house. My kids (18, 14, 11) are only now starting to get to the point where they appreciate warm water when washing their hands, but 100% coconut salt bars don't care if the water is hot or cold...
  3. Mistrael

    Year old bar

    I made this Halloween night last year, and just put the last bar in my shower. The scent is Dragon Moon from NS, colors chosen by my eldest. I didn't have a sifter for my eco glitter at that time, so it's more than the dusting I wanted. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I've now been making soap for 2 years and am still...
  4. Mistrael

    Hello from metro Detroit

    Hi all... My name is Michelle, but that was taken so I'm using my gaming handle for my account. :D I caught the soaping bug the way I do everything else... See it, get curious, research obsessively for a bit, and dive in head first. My kids and husband have even learned a lot about soap because...