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  1. BodyDew

    Max time for Frosting CP

    So I usually pipe my frosted top soap within 24 hrs, but I would rather have the swirl pattern on all sides (not just the top with the sides flat from slicing the bar - photo attached) So if I allow bar harden enough to remove from mold, then slice it & THEM mix some CP batter to pipe on the...
  2. BodyDew

    Fruit Loop FO Fade Out

    Please help… I have a customer that wants fruit loop CP donuts for Christmas but I can’t get the scent to stick. I’ve even tried blooming in kaolin clay overnight first. I do 33% palm & coconut, 15% olive & canola, 4% castor. Any suggestions? I gotta figure this out & get on curecrack SOON
  3. BodyDew

    Weight loss method for testing cure

    So I have always used the 4-6 weeks guideline with the testing for weight loss. My question is...there seems to ALWAYS be weight loss, even after 6 weeks, so are we talking about a MAJOR weight loss? not just 0.5gms or less?
  4. BodyDew

    Color Morphing

    I’m getting frustrated with the whole color morphing thing! I have a vision in my head - try to match colors to the scents - but then 1 or more of the colors change on me (examples: Mardi Gras came out looking more like Camo & Rainbow Sherbet actually looked more like Mardi Gras 😄) I know this...