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  1. CraftyRedhead

    flat iron or hair straightner for sealing bags?

    I don't know anything about the sealer/cord situation. But yes, you can use a flat iron. If you're worried about melting the plastic and ruining your iron, you can layer parchment paper in between the plastic and plates. Just keep trying different heat settings until you like the results. Until...
  2. CraftyRedhead

    Pine Tar Salt Bar

    I know this thread is old, but I thought of making a similar recipe this morning and checked the board to see if it had ever been done. Curious how it turned out!
  3. CraftyRedhead

    Looking for a Spreadsheet

    Years ago when I came across the best screensheet ever for oils and their values. I've been referencing it forever, it was saved on my hard drive. And then my computer died. I came back looking for the spreadsheet, and while I think I found the post, all the links are expired and broken...
  4. CraftyRedhead

    Oil Values - in spreadsheet form

    I downloaded this spreadsheet years ago and my computer died.. along with it! These links are dead, but does anyone have the ability to email the sheets to me? I miss this spreadsheet!!
  5. CraftyRedhead

    Making scrubs at craft fairs?

    Thanks for the input everyone!! I decided not to, but I wouldn't let the customers touch the master batch, and would of course keep it away from the customers. I'm thinking of how there are people making kettle corn, or large bbqs and people making brisket sandwiches nearby, so this isn't a...
  6. CraftyRedhead

    Making scrubs at craft fairs?

    I'm thinking I can weigh the scrub into size jar they choose, then add fragrance (I won't add color there, since I can't blend it well) and mix it with disposable spoons or popsicle sticks. I'm trying to not dirty any extra utensils or bowls, so I'm trying to keep it in the jar. I did a test...
  7. CraftyRedhead

    Halloween soap!!

    Colored with mad oils micas, scented with tropical vacation from bb. I call it Monster Mash :)
  8. CraftyRedhead

    Making scrubs at craft fairs?

    I sell both soap and sugar scrubs at local craft fairs, but my scrubs never sell. Soap does, but the scrubs just sit there. It's funny, my Etsy page sells scrubs non-stop, but hardly sells any soap at all? So I'm thinking of master-batching both my regular and whipped scrubs (in separate bowls...
  9. CraftyRedhead

    Leaking Jars

    It is only the scrubs that are not emulsified that are having issues. Anything whipped with butters had been doing fine. I thought I wanted shrink bands, but if they don't solve the leaking then I don't want them! I love the idea of sealing disks, would you be able to point me in the right...
  10. CraftyRedhead

    Leaking Jars

    Hi! I haven't had this happen until this summer, but some of my sugar scrubs are actually leaking en route. I've got 4 ounce and 8 ounce jars, what kind of options do I have? I've been thinking about getting plastic bands with perforations, but don't know where to look. Husband said electrical...
  11. CraftyRedhead

    Scent dupe?

    I know it's a long shot, but.. Does anyone know how to replicate the dove cool essentials cucumber and green tea? I don't care if it's a cp scent or just good for other products, but it's my mom's favorite scent and I want to surprise her!
  12. CraftyRedhead

    First lotion bars

    I can't believe the one recipe I decided to follow only had 25% beeswax... I can just melt these back down and add more beeswax, right?
  13. CraftyRedhead

    The word association game

  14. CraftyRedhead

    Papaya coconut from bramble berry, issues?

    I used this fo and had a strange experience too! I was trying to color it a raspberry-ish color (using celestial colors) and it went grainy and tried to separate on me as well! I mixed like crazy and threw it into my pvc pipe mold anyway. It's ugly, but it smells great!
  15. CraftyRedhead

    First lotion bars

    Let me start by saying I've never actually used a lotion bar before. So I got curious, looked up a recipe and got to work. Here's what I did: 1 part shea butter 1 part cocoa butter 1 part white beeswax 1 part light oil (I did 1/2 grapeseed 1/2 avocado) I also added some FO, but I don't think I...
  16. CraftyRedhead

    The word association game

  17. CraftyRedhead

    Wanting to make a milk soap

    Thank you! I feel like such a newbie!!!
  18. CraftyRedhead

    Wanting to make a milk soap

    I'm sorry, I'm still confused! Many of you use 50/50, but then I'm seeing to add milk into oils or trace. Does that mean that if the recipe calls for 10 ounces of water, you dissolve lye into 5 ounces of water, then add oils and 5 ounces milk?
  19. CraftyRedhead

    Wanting to make a milk soap

    I've been making soap for quite a while, but always with water, tea or coffee. I've been scared of milks due to burning, overheating, spoiling, or being flaky. So in my research lately I've been seeing a couple different ways to make milk soaps: 1. Replace the water with milk completely. 2...