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  1. Picklekin

    Suppliers in the Europe

    I'm sorry, I'm very childishly giggling over this typo! (and as part of the 49% my breast still aches..) I spend way to much time gazing longingly at soap supplies websites.. But I have to admit to getting a little peeved at how few are geared towards us soap (no offense candle makers!) I...
  2. Picklekin

    How can I use liquid caustic soda in making barsoaps

    I'm going to guess you mean you have some liquid sodium hydroxide solution, is that right? If so I would assume this is the same as making up a solution yourself, you just need to know the concentration. Most lye calculators will have an option to use "masterbatch" lye solution, you just need...
  3. Picklekin

    Cherry Bakewells

    My Cherry Bakewells... The red didn't come out quite as I hoped, but very happy... They smell divine.
  4. Picklekin

    Deliberate bubbles?

    I think the rules are just for selling, but they also include giving away... However I'm not getting them assessed so I'm already being naughty giving them away...😜 As I'm aiming for this to one day be my side hussle I'm trying to keep the rules in my head..but I could always bend them in this...
  5. Picklekin

    Deliberate bubbles?

    Some really great ideas here, thank you! I love @KiwiMoose's cupcake idea... Although I'm worried they might look TOO edible (not that I'm selling but we aren't allowed to make edible looking soap here in the UK... because they think we are idiots...) I will mull over the options 😄
  6. Picklekin

    I'm a noob.

    I thought I'd save money too... 🤣 Hey ho, at least this way my slightly compulsive shopping habit results in a lovely smelling house and a lot of soap.. 😄
  7. Picklekin

    Deliberate bubbles?

    Hello Soapers, A friend of mine has requested a Cherry Bakewell themed soap (My first request, super happy!). I've come up with a design to look like this (excuse poor design skills!): Now I was wondered how it would look if, for the sponge layer, I deliberately allowed bubbles in the batter...
  8. Picklekin

    SMF June 2022 Un-Challenge - Cocoa Powder

    Here is my attempt: It's coloured with cocoa and I used coffee ice cubes too. Just TD in the white, flavoured with chocolate orange FO. They are stumpy because I'm still very much learning and already have more soap than I know what to do with! This was my first go using embeds, I'm not...
  9. Picklekin

    SMF June 2022 Un-Challenge - Cocoa Powder

    1. peachymoon - I've been wanting to work with cocoa! 😋 2. glendam - chocolate soap is in my to-do list, this is perfect! 3. Mx6inpenn - I haven't used natural colorants since I first started. 4. TheGecko - I need to make another batch of my Chocolate Espresso (cocoa in the batter, cocoa line...
  10. Picklekin

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I "tried" to make a very small batch of soap to make some dough (first try) at this... however.... I think I didn't check my temperatures correctly (measured spatula??)… As one tiny blend and... scrambled egg :rolleyes: Not to be defeated though I turned it into my first go at hot process soap...
  11. Picklekin


    Hi Mamo! That's a fairly sensible choice (not that I have tried it yet!) for a first project, slow moving and you don't need a lot of oils and stuff. Were those your reasons for starting with that or did you just fancy it? :)
  12. Picklekin

    How do you gain the patience to master this craft?

    The more you blend the faster you get to trace and you're more likely to end up with a gloopy mess (my first and second batch were.. messy). I've been practicing on getting to emulsion (I've watched the "I dream in soap" video at least 3 times...) then pouring.
  13. Picklekin

    Spoon Swirl

    And they're OUT! I'm proud I waited, although my swirling obviously needs practice....
  14. Picklekin

    How do you gain the patience to master this craft?

    I poked it again this morning, and it's STILL NOT READY... :mad: I wish I had remembered to add the sodium lactate heh heh I do have plenty of other things to do, I made some concrete candle jars (also need to cure!!)... I've frozen some coffee for my next soap... I've even.. done some WORK...
  15. Picklekin

    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    It was just shea butter(2pt), olive oil(1pt) and beeswax (2pt) I just tried it out and he looked very confused as I put it on bless him. Can't really tell if it helped but it didn't seem to hurt. I think I'd do less beeswax next time as it's very solid!
  16. Picklekin

    Any tips for green natural colorants to use?

    I made some M&P sydnet shampoo bars yesterday with some homemade nettle powder, and that went a nice green colour.
  17. Picklekin

    How do you gain the patience to master this craft?

    I'm very new to all this, and I'm loving virtually all aspects of it, the creativity, the chemistry... my house smelling divine... but I'm finding it REALLY hard to stay patient!! I made my first "pretty" soap yesterday (just two layers with a spoon swirl) and it took so much effort to stop...
  18. Picklekin

    What Bath & Body Thing Have You Done Today?

    I made some paw wax for my elderly Labrador to help protect his feet from the pavements in this hot weather. We take him in out before the sun is up but he's old and his bladder demands another walk before it's cool again.
  19. Picklekin

    The 4-letter game

    Noticing Orbs Requires Energy ENER
  20. Picklekin

    *waves* Hello from the UK

    Hello folks, I've already made a few posts but figured it would be nice to say hello. I always used to be into crafts but somehow I lost interest.. about a year or so my crafty mojo came back with a BANG. I finally discovered soap, after looking into ways to be more environmental. I'm...