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    Soap makers that use coconut oil/Olive| Castor

    Question to improve recipe ? Best Recipe ever ??lol Ok so I generally used a recipe that is 90 percent coconut oil, 5 percent castor, 5 percent Olive oil. with 20 percent superfat. It is a good recipe but I bought some other soaps using my same basic ingredients and notice that my soaps look a...
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    What is the best fragrance oil ever?

    Discuss.....? thank you all! i understand its all opinion lol.😋
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    Making high coconut Oil recipe(20 pecent Plus superfat) question?

    ok so I normally use 20 percent superfat and use 80 percent coconut oil. The soap comes out amazing. great lather. Im just curious what is the max superfat anybody else has done using high coconut recipes? and what difference does it make? Does the soap itself look different? id appreciate input...
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    What is the BEST rose fragrance???

    shoot!! lol I bought a few. A few from nuture soap, one from california candle supply, one from flaming candle and candlescience but idk im obsessed with finding the best one😅. thing is I bought a soap from etsy and it smelled amazing but i cant find it. Yall point me in a good direction? Thank...
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    How to make hot process soap tops less crumbly?

    my soaps come out amazing hot process but my only problem is the tops and edges are a literally. Any way to combat this issue? would appreciate it. hard to see in the picture but some edges do tend to break off a little brittle.
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    So I used spearmint flakes in soap and OMG

    the added smell is sooo amazing and the cosmetic look is ****..No word to describe how amazing. Apart from spearmint what else to yall recommend for adding to the essential oil. And please let it be natural and something that wont clog the drain lmao. Just want a recommendation that is similar...
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    I made a cold process pine tar and it has white flakes in it?

    So I made a Pine tar soap and have never had issues but this time my lye water had what seemed to be white flakes. I tried to filter it when pouring bc that is normally what I do regardless but it seems like my final soap still has what appear to be white flakes. I ph tested it today and it came...
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    Making a soap with butterfly pea flower powder and purple sweet potato?

    Has anybody used these and if so how did they turn out? Im just concerned these will turn out brown in soap making?